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Strawberry Pot Project Update

A while ago I decided to try growing strawberries  in pots . Today I decided to photograph the progress so far with this project My strawberry plant is already producing some fruit in the round plastic plant pot with saucer from  RJE Distributors  (they supply nurseries and gardening shops). About two years ago I bought a pot of strawberry plants from Goodies4Gardens. Since then the strawberry patch has grown and spread out over a whole section of our little backyard garden. Those strawberry plants have been branching out like crazy. My wife, Maggie, said we must get some pots for the young plants. Growing our own strawberries have been so pleasant because we get fresh strawberries from our garden and we eat them just after picking them - you don't get fresher than that. The strawberry plants in the back yard are still producing fruit that we enjoy on a regular basis. So, my "strawberry plant in a pot" project is doing well. The latest photograph is a testim