Strawberry Pot Project

Young strawberry planted in pot - RJE Distributors

I often wake up early in the morning to have a time of prayer and meditation. It's a good time to think about what's important to me as a person. The only distractions are my own thoughts and wandering mind. About a week ago I had a brainwave during one of these early morning sessions. Today the beginning of that idea became a reality.

This morning my wife and I visited Goodies4Gardens, our local nursery, to look for the perfect plastic pot for strawberries. And I found what I was looking for - a 12.5 cm terra round plastic plant pot with saucer from RJE Distributors (they supply nurseries and gardening shops). That was step number one.

About two years ago I bought a pot of strawberry plants from Goodies4Gardens. Since then, the strawberry patch has grown and spread out over a whole section of our little backyard garden. Those strawberry plants have been branching out like crazy. My wife, Maggie, said we must get some pots for the young plants.

So, I imagined getting one of the RJE Distributors plastic pots and putting one of the plants in it for a photograph for a blog article (like this one). Step number two was choosing a plant and lovingly placing it in potting soil in the plastic pot. To my delight, I noticed that the ground covering in our little garden was similar to that of the background on the products page of RJE Distributor's website - created by me. With much anticipation, I fetched my camera and lay down on my stomach to take the photograph I had imagined a few days ago. The result was exactly what I had planned - see above.

Growing our own strawberries have been so pleasant because we get fresh strawberries from our garden and we eat them just after picking them - you don't get fresher than that. So, two plants have grown into about seventy plants in two years. They just spread that fast. That is part of my idea from one of my early morning sessions. I will share that idea at a later stage because it is still in the development stage.

In the meantime, my "strawberry plant in a pot" project has started. I'm so excited about the whole idea and I must add that the photograph I took came out just right. I believe in growing fruit and vegetables in a completely organic way for better taste. Maggie took a photograph of two strawberries she picked a few days ago - see below.

two ripe strawberries


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