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My wife, Maggie, has a natural gift for growing plants. She manages to grow just about anything. I’m not so fortunate. For some reason, I struggle. A while ago I decided to grow tomatoes in pots and they started out okay but died after some time making me disappointed.

I became interested in growing vegetables in plastic pots when I came across amazing pins on Pinterest on the subject. Avid gardeners usually blog about their hobby or pastime and then promote them on Pinterest for the world to see. I’m looking at one of these articles as I’m typing and there’s a photo of a big plastic pot with about twenty carrots growing in it. The photo also shows the grower’s hand holding ten healthy looking carrots next to the plastic flower pot. The article reads, “Container Gardening for Vegetables.”

It would have been wiser if I did some reading on the subject of growing my plants in containers like plastic pots before I started. Already, as I’m reading the article, I can see where things went wrong for me. My soil was not prepared properly and my watering regimen was incorrect. This gives me hope. Maybe I can also become a gardening guru if I do my research and follow the steps of the gardening experts who generously provide guidance on their blogs.

Plastic pots are the ideal containers for growing plants in them and there are many advantages using this method. That was my reason for starting in the first place. My first reason was that pots are portable and can be moved into the right spot for growing. The second reason was that it’s easy to prepare a bit of soil in a pot instead of doing the back-breaking preparation of a vegetable garden patch. Pest control then becomes easier as. Pots with living plants also add colour to an area that looks bland. There are probably more reasons for growing vegetables in pots than what I’ve mentioned here but It motivates me to try again.

Why would I be interested in growing my own vegetables? Many years ago, my wife threw some tomato pips on the ground in our garden and after a while we had beautiful plants coming up which I took care of. When the tomatoes were ready for harvesting, they tasted so much nicer than the ones we usually buy at the supermarket. The reason was probably that I used natural compost that came from my own compost heap in the corner of our garden. I used to dump all the organic waste from our kitchen on the compost heap and then added a bit of soil on top of it. Over time the heap grew bigger and bigger. When I eventually dug into the side of the heap to extract some compost the soil was alive with insects that decomposed the waste.  There were also many earthworms in my heap. My compost was packed with goodness. So that contributed to my success.

This time I want to give it another go. I will go to Goodies4Gardens in our adjoining suburb, Glen Marais, and buy some of their vast range of plastic pots which they get from RJE Distributors. First I will also get some seeding trays (from the same distributor) and plant my seeds in them. Once they are big enough to plant in my pots I will make sure that I do things right this time because I enjoy my own vegetables more than the ones from the supermarket. It’s such a treat picking my own vegetables from my garden for supper- time knowing that it’s fresh and alive with goodness. That way I get the best nutrition possible. Our biggest success to date has been with growing cherry tomatoes. There was a time when we used to harvest containers full of cherry tomatoes growing in all the corners of our garden – it was a real treat.

It’s a real bonus to have all the resources I need to get started. RJE Distributors stock an amazing range of essentials for gardening. Their website lists things like plastic plant pots, gardening hardware, gardening tools, weed control, grow kits, coir products, bird feeders, probiotic technology, and biodegradable items. This company provides all these items to gardening shops and nurseries all over the country. This means that they are gardening wholesalers and the places to buy from are the list of stockists on their website.

When I sit and enjoy my plate of food with freshly-picked vegetables from my own garden then I will think of this article. Maybe some of my readers will be inspired to do the same. Life is meant to be enjoyed while we are alive. This is one of the ways I enjoy living, by inspiring people and writing about subjects that I love.


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