The One That Got Away - Charlotte Roth (Free Today)

A little love from me to you...

We can all need a little extra love and laughs--especially now with the cold and the rain moving in (well, at least in my neck of the woods). So please do grab a free copy of my eBook, The One That Got Away--a fun, warm-hearted, and compelling story about a lot of what if’s, how we often take love for granted, and how life doesn’t always have to be picture perfect!

Just click on the cover below and it'll take you right to your freebie. Thank you and happy reading. Charlotte <3

PS. I love to hear from my readers. I answer all emails personally and can't wait for yours.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you suddenly looked into the eyes of your handsome ex-boyfriend, at a romantic wedding in Rome ... far away from your husband?

Helen is almost forty and her boobs are starting to go south. She’s also happily married to Mark. But why, then, can’t she stop staring at ex-fiancée Rob’s big blue eyes from the minute she finds him on Facebook? And why does she agree to go to a mutual friend’s wedding in Rome—accompanied by her very loud and touristy mom and even louder gin and tonic drinking friend, Lori—when she knows he will be there?

It can only mean one thing: Trouble.

Things don’t get less complicated when Helen finds out that Mark is going on a business trip with his perfect ex-girlfriend (with perfect perky boobs) at the same time somewhere in Germany or when he suddenly shows up in Rome unannounced.

“If you love a fast-paced story, with snappy dialogue and lots of humour and heart, this is the book for you.”

PS. I got this email today from Charlotte and I'm not sure if this offer is just for one day.


  1. Thank you, Ron.
    Hope to spread a little love today.
    It's pouring down in Seattle. Yeah I know, it's a cliche. We've actually had 5 months of summer ;-)

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      Nice to hear from you again. Thought I had lost you, friend.
      Good to hear about the rain. Over here we have sunshine and rain is kinda scarce.
      You are being very generous giving away free stuff.
      Whatever the reasons I hope your following explodes through the roof and you become extremely popular and successful. Maybe you are already.
      All the best.


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