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Swimming Pool Nets - Saving Lives

How fortunate I am to play a small part in encouraging swimming pool owners to ensure that their pools are safe. I count myself lucky to be involved with a company like SA Pool Nets and Covers that manufactures and installs swimming pool safety nets. Because of them hundreds of drownings are prevented every year.

The owner, Louis, approached me in December 2012 to create a website for his company. Seven years of creating awareness regarding swimming pool safety. That's how I see it. The photo at the top of the page came to my inbox from Google telling me that more than 20 000 people have viewed the image since it has been put up on the Internet. 

It's not the most glamorous picture but you can bet that it brought a profound message to the visitors viewing it. That picture and the others on the website together with the review I wrote for Louis' company have prompted many visitors to have swimming pool nets and covers installed in their pools and have had a huge impact on the success of his business. The end result enabled the owners of those pools to enjoy peace of mind with regard to the safety of their swimming pools - a huge credit to them.

What can we learn from this? Not one of the pools where SA Pool Nets and Covers has installed a pool net or pool cover suffered any drownings or lives lost! Another thing is that if you want your business to be successful then you definitely need to make full use of the wonders of the Internet and also choose to do it properly and consistently. 

In 7 years Louis has never faltered in the area of proper Internet marketing and in the process his business has grown and many lives are safer in the process. You can benefit from his company's services by visiting his website at www.sapoolnetsandcovers.co.za.

Louis also makes use of the services of Ashworth Web and Promotions who created and promoted his website on many platforms to spread the news of his services for the past 7 years. They do this through the effective use of up-to-date SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


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