Motor Vehicle Branding 2021


Philandria vehicle branding


Last year almost to the date I wrote about vehicle branding and its importance. Ensure that your business is part of the new advertising trends. Let’s make vehicle branding one of our top advertising priorities in 2021. Digital and online marketing is highly effective and vehicle branding can complement this greatly.

Branded vehicles can act as a mobile display window for your company. 
Philandria is Avery accredited and only use the best vinyl in order to give you the perfect look on your vehicle branding.

Philandria offer vehicle magnets as a non-permanent way of branding and vinyl cuts for permanent branding. They have the best vinyl for vehicle wrapping and colour changes, the vinyl is called the supreme wrapping film with a 3-year warranty and there is no glue residue upon removal of vinyl. They offer professional branding in a variety of colours. Contact them today!


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