Morning Walks-2

People walking, running and cycling

On Sunday morning we went for a longer walk - about 3.5 kilometres. The app on my phone didn't co-operate so we walked without measuring anything.

The photo-collage above shows that a number of people in our neighbourhood are getting out and walking, running, and cycling. Then you see two guys pushing lawnmowers on their way to work. 

The weather is very mild and pleasant here at the moment. This is probably the best time of the year since temperatures are ideal. With fewer cars pouring gases into the atmosphere the air is much cleaner. It's like starting over. 

Here we are thinking the way we always thought about things, but in the meantime we are at the starting blocks again with new sets of rules to cope with. We are faced with running a race into a future of unknowns according to rules we are unfamiliar with.

I have built a good business with a fantastic bunch of people and everything looked like it was growing in the right direction. Due to recent events with the COVID pandemic I am literally faced with starting all over again from ground zero. And that just when I thought things were getting better.


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