Morning Walk in the Mist

misty morning view of field

Because it's still very dark at 6 am this time of the year I thought it safer to start a little bit later on our walk. The photograph above was taken at about 7 am when we were returning. It just shows you how misty it was. On top of that Maggie couldn't see very well through her glasses because of the steam rising up when she exhaled into her face mask. Those face masks are a real irritation, but we are forced to wear them in public.

Another problem during the walk was you could only see a few feet ahead of yourself because the mist was so heavy. We only walked for about 2.5 kilometres and chatted most of the time to keep ourselves occupied. It was also not a right time to photograph any passers-by because there was hardly anyone else crazy enough to be exercising during the misty morning.

Anyway, we did go out in spite of the circumstances. Thank you for reading.


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