COVID-19 Walking-Day 3

a cyclist, a runner, and a walker - COVID-19 walking Day 3

It is Sunday morning, May 3, 2020. I have spent some time checking out my Facebook notifications, my emails and what is happening on my blog. My thoughts go to a time when I communicated with an author from Seattle by the name of Charlotte Roth.

As I look at the worldwide map of the COVID-19 hotspots I decide to enlarge the section around the State of Washington. I know that Seattle is located there on the west coast. The state of Washington has a larger circle than the adjoining states of Montana and Idaho and Oregon which means there are more people affected by the virus. I wonder if Charlotte and her family are safe.

My other friend, Ken Findlay, lives in Lantana, Florida in the States. We used to be friends when he was in South Africa a long time ago. I really hope he is safe as well.

Then over to Sydney, Australia, where another good friend of ours resides. When you study the Corona virus map on Google, you can zoom into areas and get a better idea of how affected that area is in relation to others. Viv Collard is also a good friend from the same city.

Heading back over to Switzerland our new friend, Mia, lives in Zürich. When I Google the place, I see something quite strange – it is made up of different names. Anyway, there are quite a lot of infections in that area.

When I zoom out and look at the map, I see that Europe is heavily affected. Whoever you are, I thank you for reading this article.

Sunrise over the field next to our property.

As I was returning from our walk I decided to see how well my iPhone 11 Pro Max would would take a photograph directly into the sun. Because it's a phone I didn't have to look into the bright sunlight myself to take the shot. Then I edited the picture in Affinity Photo ever so slightly and got an exquisite result.

The photo at the top of the page has got some folks that I shot as they passed us by.

This time I made full use of my phone’s camera to see what kind of quality I would get. We covered a distance of 2.5 kilometres which brings our total to 9.5 km for three days - not bad going for people who had done no walking for ages.

A Walker

A Runner

a cyclist
A Cyclist


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