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A post from October 2018 about my favourite client just came to mind this afternoon. The post that I wrote about what they did for their community attracted a lot of readers and must have created a lot of goodwill for that cherry picker company.

During this time of COVID-19 lock-down it’s important that we remember such generous acts from people who care about others.

SA Platforms, a fantastic client of mine, sponsored a cherry picker to assist with a power outage problem in the Risiville/Three Rivers East & Property Community. They are people with big hearts and I'm proud to be associated with them. I have promoted their services before and this proves that SA Platforms is a community-conscious company that can be trusted to deliver valuable services at all times. Below is a copy of a message thanking them for their assistance.

A HUGE BIG Thanks to for sponsoring the cherry picker for BXC to use in our Ward ....

Thanks also to Oupa and his team from BXC (Smart Meters) who are jumping in to assist with the Power Outages in our Ward - Even if the problem isn't theirs (It's an ELM problem)

Thanks to Dalene Venter - Bokka I do NOT know how you do it every day! I would've thrown in the towel on the 1st day

It's humbling to see everyone just gelling together to try and gain resolution

I can only hope and pray that everyone who has been without power for days already is sorted out asap, >>>>

Am I too optimistic to hope that everyone will have power by end of the day?

Baby steps ~Admin
End of message.

We applaud SA Platforms for reaching out and helping.

If you support people like this, please pass this article on by sharing it with people you know. I’d like to see if I can get more visits than last time in 2018 and more support for them. Thanks.


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