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Wessels Motors - Workshop in Kempton Park

Car Service Workshop In Kempton Park

Wessels Motors services all the popular brands of vehicles in Kempton Park and surrounding areas. They have been doing this for the past 48 years - a record on its own.

As workshops go they are highly rated because they have been awarded 5 stars by the Motor Industry Workshop Association. This is a very prestigious award and they deserve it. I bought a 1998 E230 Mercedes in 2009. I didn't have a good workshop on my previous cars so I hunted for one that would service my car with excellence. Then I discovered Wessels Motors. Ever since the first service back then I have always serviced my car there.

Because Wessels Motors service my car they have a proper record of it and know the car inside out. The result is that my Mercedes, although it is now 22 years old, it still runs like a new car and gives me no trouble at all. The mileage is now 255 331 kilometres. 

I have owned many cars and regularly bought a demo model every three years on average because I believed that it was a good idea to keep my cars at a lower mileage for fewer mechanical problems. That was my habit when I was younger. When my business took a nose-dive around 2008 with the recession I had to make a change and bought the car I now own in the beginning of 2009. this car has given me over 100 000 km of trouble-free service and she rides like a dream.

My Mercedes has managed this stellar performance due to the reasonably regularly services under the loving care of Wessels Motors. The last service was done 16 months ago! One thing I have decided was that every service they do is an investment in the longevity of my car. So, if I spend a bit more on a service I get the very best car service there is (anywhere) and I can look forward to a trouble-free drive and have peace of mind.

When I picked my car up yesterday afternoon the mechanic, Ian, told me that she drives like a new car. That was a compliment. I've had a few offers from guys wanting to buy her but that is not an option.

So, as I've grown older I've become wiser. I stick to my car. If it's not broken, don't fix it or even modify it. Cheaper that way. Would I take my car to another workshop? Not at all.

Wessels Motors is run like a big family with qualified and experienced staff. Go and visit them and you'll find everyone is busy all the time getting the work done. Not one person is standing around doing nothing. Everyone is totally committed to doing their work. I have always been completely satisfied with every service performed by them.

It's no wonder that the Motor Industry Workshop Association have rated this workshop in Kempton Park at five stars. Then, the RMI accreditation is also an important factor with this workshop. When I collected my car yesterday it also felt like a brand new car - smooth and luxurious to drive.

Well, that's my take on this workshop. You can take your vehicle to Wessels Motors any day because they give fantastic service and care about you too. You can read another interesting article about a 1965 Chevy C10 Pick Up Hotrod worked on by Wessels Motors here.


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