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USB Promotion Philandria Industry Consultants

Executive Leather USB s with FREE Engraving  For corporate gifts that remind your clients of your company brand you can order lovely executive leather USB s from Philandria situated in Birchleigh, Kempton Park.

These executive leather USB s look neat and attractive and will make an excellent promotional giveaway for any company, especially if you have your company logo engraved on it.

Most people nowadays make use of a USB when working with computers. It's actually a necessity. So, they would welcome a gift like that because they will use it over and over again.

You can order printing of business cards and company stationery; flyers and posters; large format printing and signage; graphic and logo designs; canvas printing; vehicle branding, and CNC services from Philandria.

They provide a wide range of services. Give them a call.

Valentine's Day Mugs

"Will you be my Valentine?"
These words are soon going to be uttered by many and love will be in the air. Love, is that powerful ingredient that causes us to do good things and is not just a feeling but an action. Showing someone that you love them is one of the greatest gifts you can give from your heart.
Valentine's Day Mugs can be a lasting memory and can be ordered from, a company that I have mentioned before in an article.

Two Tone Bush Shirts

A Bit of History
Khaki clothes have quite a history if you Google it. Its origins go back to 1848 where it was adapted for field service and battle by British colonial troops in India. It was made in a variety of weaves, such as serge. Khaki is a colour, a light shade of brown with a yellowish tinge.

After the war, extra rolls of the material were available to create civilian clothing. They were made from durable cotton and were easier to take care of and keep clean. Khaki pieces of clothing, not unlike jeans, haven’t reached their full potential until sufficiently beaten-up and lived-in, thus making them comfortable.

Though the colour khaki has a troubled record it pairs well with just about anything. Garments cut from this cloth were common after WWII that they are readily available in just about any style at your local vintage shop.

However, the shear practicality of this type of material found its place in South Africa as well and many shirts and trousers have been made from them.…

Road Freight to Zimbabwe

Gauteng has a large number of trucks that transport goods cross border to Zimbabwe. Wherever I travel I’ve come across companies operating fleets handling this type of operation. One company that stands out in terms of excellence is SRB Trading and Transport.
I’ve been involved with this company for years and have seen them grow from strength to strength. It’s because the owner has offered the perfect solution to companies that suits their needs. SRB Trading and Transport is a cross-border transporting company specializing in consolidated loads to Zimbabwe. 
Their Focus •They service companies that need to have goods transported between South Africa and Zimbabwe only •They have a sister company in Zimbabwe (Hyperzone Trading Company) •They can provide South African Clearing and Customs Services for the Zimbabwean Clearing •SRB Trading and Transport will collect the goods and consolidate the load •They do not wait for full loads and every Friday one two or three trucks leave for Harar…