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Gardening hardware distributor - RJE Distributors

Gardening Hardware Distributor, RJE Distributors, sent me a few Garden Tools to try out. I was very pleased with them because I have a yard that always needs attention. My wife and I recently started giving more attention to improving our garden during December. The recent good rains have made the ground soft and perfect for weeding.

Unfortunately, we discovered that keeping a gardener wasn’t working out for us. Certain things were being done but when it came to thorn bushes and weeds it was a lost cause. Working in tandem, we started weeding the garden before Christmas. Each of us chose a spot. I must say that the thorn bushes are particularly difficult to remove. They are in between the grass and one has to use a special tool to get to the roots where it has a carrot-like bulb. If you don’t remove that together with the roots and plant, you are wasting your time.

I work early in the mornings and late in the afternoons to avoid the harsh sun. For some reason my skin gets melanoma-like growths if I don’t protect myself. When you are young you don’t think of these things and pay the price when you get older.

So, the TRAMONTINA garden tool set from RJE Distributors came in very handy with my gardening efforts this morning. I decided to take a picture for this article, and I must say that the results look good. The bright orange metal parts together with the wooden handles show off nicely against the brown earth and the green grass in the background. These pretty gardening hardware tools are nice to work with and would suit any gardening enthusiast. I love the feel of the wooden handles.

My wife kindly agreed to pose with the pruner for me. Being the fussy photographer that I am I took about ten different shots before I was happy that the professional bypass pruner was showing off properly in the photograph. By the way, it’s also another quality product from TRAMONTINA, available from RJE Distributors.

Professional bypass pruner - RJE Distributors
The professional bypass pruner pictured on the right is a sure winner – also from RJE who specialize in the wholesale distribution of gardening hardware and plastic pots to nurseries and gardening shops in many provinces in South Africa. This particular pruner is perfect for trimming young branches that I need to keep in check around our garden. If I see something that I need to cut I just fetch the pruner and effortlessly snip-snip-snip. So convenient.

Some news about what’s been happening around our garden would add the cherry on top of the cake in this article. A while ago, Maggie, went and threw some peels onto our compost heap in the far corner of our garden. Then she called me to come and have a look. Up close I could see the two squashes and the pumpkin growing in the vines spreading outwards from the compost heap. I was tempted to take a picture but was warned off by her because to take the shot I needed to push the plant away because the veggies were deep and covered by the plants. She didn't want me to harm her plants.

On New Year’s Eve it was difficult to fall asleep with all the excitement and fireworks going off. Somehow, tiredness eventually overcame all the noise and I finally fell asleep. Before dawn I woke up to the sound of something making a “who-who” sound.

Suspecting it was an owl I decided to investigate where the feathered fellow was. It looked like it came from the front somewhere. I was determined to find the source and ended up at my front gate. Across from where I was standing in the cold, I looked at the lamp post opposite my gate. That time of the morning there was quite a lot of moisture in the air which caused the light from the streetlight to flare a lot so I couldn’t see the owl at first.

Remaining still and quiet I moved a bit to one side. That was when I saw it. So, it was an owl after all. My dog was checking me out and probably thinking I was acting really strange.

Then I decided that I should try and photograph the feathered creature. It remained perched just long enough for me to fetch my camera with the telephoto lens. I only got one shot in and the owl (spotted eagle owl) flew away. The results weren’t all that good because of the glare from the streetlight, but I at least have a record of the owl on the pole. At least it’s a memento.

After working in the garden one evening I had to go and throw some leaves on the compost heap. When I was walking back towards the house, I noticed some bats feasting on flying insects above my head. The bats flew lightning-fast hither and thither. Once inside I checked on the Internet whether there really were bats in my area. They actually were really in my area, but I can’t remember noticing them before.

So, how do these stories fit into this article? I believe that the connection is this. Because I stopped being lazy and started working in my garden myself, I became more interested in what was happening in my own yard. Gardening tends to connect us with nature. 

Thank you for visiting here and reading about gardening tools, my gardening efforts, bats and owls. Hopefully you’ll be back again.


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