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Forklift Network - Boksburg, Alberton, Germiston

Forklift service and delivery at competitive prices is what Forklift Network is all about. Their location in Wadeville is ideal for servicing clients in Alberton, Boksburg, Elsburg, and Germiston. Better service delivery to clients at competitive pricing is their main focus.What do they offer?Ex long-term rental machinesAll units come with 6 months warrantyLoad test for safetyService contracts offered on all their machinesForklift SalesThey can supply you with the right forklift for your needs at a competitive price.Forklift RentalsTheir rental rates are very reasonable.Servicing & RepairsThey have built up a reputation for excellent servicing and repairs to all makes of forklifts.Parts & SparesWhether you need tyres, the right parts, spares or even load tests, speak to them.The good news is that Forklift Network (Pty) Ltd was established due to a demand in the industry for better service delivery to the clients at competitive pricing. Forklift Network was founded in 2016 and …

Car Service at SUPA-FIT

SUPA-FIT & Mechanical WorkshopSituated in the GT Centre on the corner of Great North Road and Lanseria Road, SUPA-FIT & Mechanical Workshop is the ideal place to have your car serviced, repaired or get a new set of tyres.ServicesFull Service & General RepairsOil Lube ServiceWheel AlignmentNew TyresMag WheelsExhaustFree Flow ExhaustTow barsRoll BarsShocksBrakesBrake SkimmingTruck TyresSuspension RepairsCV JointsBatteriesTurbo ConversionRoadworthySpray Painting
You can't miss their workshop when you are traveling on the Great North Road because they have painted their logo in big letters against a red background on their building. If you are like me, the only driver in the family and you don't know what to do while Supa-Fit is working on your vehicle then not to worry because you can relax at the GT Coffee Shop right next door while you wait. Or you can pop into Michael's Gents Barber Shop on the corner for a stylish haircut.
From the Supa-Fit website, you will se…

5-Star Dyna Tuning

RBTS Racing are local Dyna Tuning & Engine Management Specialists. Situated in Kempton Park.With their Dastek 4 Wheel Drive wind tunnel dyno, owners with Subaru's, Mitsubishi Evolution's, Nissan Skyline's, Land Rovers and Bakkies are all welcome. Spitronics, Haltech, and MoTec: they do the installations, fault finding, and mapping for these locally available world-class systems.RBTS Racing specialize in the tuning of all local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems such as Spitronics, Dicktator, Gotech, Powermods, and Mr. Turbo, etc. They also tune all International Engine Management Systems such as AEM, Haltech, Hondata, Motec, etc.They are Dastek Unichip agents.RBTS Racing has demonstrated that they provide excellent customer service. Therefore, they have been added to the Aw-Sum CommunityDirectory. Contact them now for dyno tuning requirements.

Transport Dry, Chilled, Frozen Products South Africa

Whether you need to have dry, chilled or frozen goods transported between major centres like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein, Cape Town as well as the Eastern Cape, you can visit the LMC Express website. There you will find a lot of useful information to get started.
They have just started a delightful page on Facebook.

Forklift Network in Wadeville

For quality service of all makes of forklifts in Wadeville, Alberton, Boksburg, Germiston, East Rand. Forklift Network (Pty) Ltd has recently relocated to Wadeville and look forward to being of service to new and existing clients.
Forklift SalesThey can supply you with the right forklift for your needs at a competitive price. Forklift RentalsTheir rental rates are very reasonable. Servicing & RepairsThey have built up a reputation for excellent servicing and repairs to all makes of forklifts. Parts & SparesWhether you need tyres, the right parts, spares or even load tests, speak to them.
The good news is that Forklift Network (Pty) Ltd was established due to a demand in the industry for better service delivery to the clients at competitive pricing. Forklift Network was founded in 2016 and has since then grown into a multi-product and diverse company offering Diesel and Gas forklift solutions to the materials handling industry at extremely competitive rates and a sound product base.…

Multi Temperature Palletised Road Freight Load Consolidation in South Africa

IntroductionLMC Express (Pty) Ltd was established in 1997 to transport multi-temperature (refrigerated and dry pallets) loads across South Africa. With offices in major cities such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg they regularly transport palletised consignments for customers. Their most popular route is between Cape Town and Johannesburg which they service four times per week. During this time, they have grown from strength to strength and have enabled their customers to grow their business.
LMC Express ServicesThey transport dry, chilled, and frozen products – and non-refrigerated transportThey have dedicated days they travel on all major routes in South AfricaPallet specifications safeguards their customers against shortages and damages, if adhered toThey pledge to deliver your valued product in the same condition in which they collect it, or your money back (Terms and Conditions apply)

TemperaturesFrozen products are at temperatures of -25° CelsiusChilled products are at temperatur…

Post Covid-19 Dyno Tuning

In January 2020 I wrote about a 5-star review that RBTS Racing received from a local guide. Not long after that South Africa was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent catastrophic lockdown of business.
Many companies folded and laid off staff. However, RBTS Racing has managed to overcome the setbacks due to the lockdown and are ready to service your thoroughbred car with world-class dyna tuning.
Now is the time to book your high-performance dyno tuning and get ahead of the pack. Visit their website and make your appointment now.

Cherry Picker - Good Deed

A post from October 2018 about my favourite client just came to mind this afternoon. The post that I wrote about what they did for their community attracted a lot of readers and must have created a lot of goodwill for that cherry picker company.
During this time of COVID-19 lock-down it’s important that we remember such generous acts from people who care about others.
SA Platforms, a fantastic client of mine, sponsored a cherry picker to assist with a power outage problem in the Risiville/Three Rivers East & Property Community. They are people with big hearts and I'm proud to be associated with them. I have promoted their services before and this proves that SA Platforms is a community-conscious company that can be trusted to deliver valuable services at all times. Below is a copy of a message thanking them for their assistance.
A HUGE BIG Thanks to for sponsoring the cherry picker for BXC to use in our Ward ....
Thanks also to Oupa and …

Morning Walks-2

On Sunday morning we went for a longer walk - about 3.5 kilometres. The app on my phone didn't co-operate so we walked without measuring anything.
The photo-collage above shows that a number of people in our neighbourhood are getting out and walking, running, and cycling. Then you see two guys pushing lawnmowers on their way to work. 
The weather is very mild and pleasant here at the moment. This is probably the best time of the year since temperatures are ideal. With fewer cars pouring gases into the atmosphere the air is much cleaner. It's like starting over. 
Here we are thinking the way we always thought about things, but in the meantime we are at the starting blocks again with new sets of rules to cope with. We are faced with running a race into a future of unknowns according to rules we are unfamiliar with.
I have built a good business with a fantastic bunch of people and everything looked like it was growing in the right direction. Due to recent events with the COVID p…

Morning Walks

This doesn't look like a morning walk. That's because Maggie wanted to finish the masks for our son, Michael, and his family in Pietermaritzburg. I also asked her to make some for another family.
Then, it was time for my special coffee that I make by boiling the milk in the microwave. Then I use a special attachment to whisk up the milk to foam. This is poured onto the top of the coffee once it's done. The result is a creamy cup of the finest coffee and a delightful drink. We usually have one of those in the mornings.
Yesterday we prepared a piece of ground in the corner of our yard to plant carrots and beans. Of course our dog had to go and walk all over our garden patch. No ears! We haven't given up walking. Just took a break for some important things. Thanks for reading.

Morning Walk in the Mist

Because it's still very dark at 6 am this time of the year I thought it safer to start a little bit later on our walk. The photograph above was taken at about 7 am when we were returning. It just shows you how misty it was. On top of that Maggie couldn't see very well through her glasses because of the steam rising up when she exhaled into her face mask. Those face masks are a real irritation, but we are forced to wear them in public.
Another problem during the walk was you could only see a few feet ahead of yourself because the mist was so heavy. We only walked for about 2.5 kilometres and chatted most of the time to keep ourselves occupied. It was also not a right time to photograph any passers-by because there was hardly anyone else crazy enough to be exercising during the misty morning.
Anyway, we did go out in spite of the circumstances. Thank you for reading.

Morning Walks in my Neighbourhood

Yes, I have changed the name of my article. It is day 4 after skipping a day due to unforeseen circumstances. This photograph looks darker because the mornings are getting longer due to winter. This morning we started at 6 am sharp while it was still dark.
The only remarkable thing to report is that we actually went for the walk. We took a different route again and didn't encounter anybody else that was exercising. Maybe it was too early. The distance was 1.95 km - nothing spectacular. But if you add it up over time it is still far better than doing nothing at all.
A morning walk or ride on a bicycle is very beneficial to ones health. The reason why we are walking and not riding is because Maggie doesn't have a bicycle at the moment. Walking is the next best thing until she gets a bicycle again. With a bicycle it is easier to travel greater distances faster and you get to experience more than when you are just walking. Ultimately, we are feeling a lot healthier and better tha…

COVID-19 Walking-Day 3

It is Sunday morning, May 3, 2020. I have spent some time checking out my Facebook notifications, my emails and what is happening on my blog. My thoughts go to a time when I communicated with an author from Seattle by the name of Charlotte Roth.
As I look at the worldwide map of the COVID-19 hotspots I decide to enlarge the section around the State of Washington. I know that Seattle is located there on the west coast. The state of Washington has a larger circle than the adjoining states of Montana and Idaho and Oregon which means there are more people affected by the virus. I wonder if Charlotte and her family are safe.

My other friend, Ken Findlay, lives in Lantana, Florida in the States. We used to be friends when he was in South Africa a long time ago. I really hope he is safe as well.

Then over to Sydney, Australia, where another good friend of ours resides. When you study the Corona virus map on Google, you can zoom into areas and get a better idea of how affected that area is …

COVID-19 Walking-Day 2

Day 2 of our walking started a bit more organised because I understood the exercise app on my phone better. We left at 6:14 am and I noticed that we didn't have our masks on so we went back to fetch them and started over. 
As you can see from the photo above (lower left) it was earlier and darker. Slight puffs of pink streaky clouds decorated the blue sky. It was another glorious morning and the birds cheered us on.
Because it was earlier than yesterday we didn't expect to see the same people along the way. However, there are certain spots where our course was going to intersect with others and it did. You can see that today I secretly photographed them as they passed us and greeted us. I made their photos small so that it's impossible to make out who they are.

These photos above are of myself and Maggie walking on the road that passes by the school in our neighbourhood. You can see the beautiful trees that form a canopy over the road going into the distance. By the way, …

COVID-19 Walking - First Day

The 1st May on Workers' Day we were finally allowed to leave our homes between 6:00 and 9:00 am to exercise following five weeks of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa.
It was 6:40 am when Maggie and I started out on our walk. I found an exercise app and started the clock. The morning was spectacular with the sun warming up a cloudless sky. The air was clean with not even a breeze, a great introduction to start exercising and enjoying less cabin fever for some time.
At first it seemed as if we were two lonely walkers in our immediate neighbourhood and we said, "Look! we are the only ones interested in keeping fit." But a little while later we passed another couple walking in the opposite direction. Then a lady cyclist on a mountain bike came speeding past us. From there, a few blocks from our house more people were taking advantage of the new freedom granted to us.
We followed our usual cycling route around the Afrikaans high school. The canopy of tree…

Stay Warm - Alberton Aircon Installer

I bet most people are rushing for their heaters with the recent cold spells this week. Temperatures have dropped sharply with snow already falling on the Maluti mountains. On top of that it has been raining all over the country, which adds to the feeling of being frozen.

Unfortunately, heaters only warm up a small area. The perfect solution is a proper aircon unit that can warm up an entire room. I usually associate air conditioning with keeping a room cool in the summer months, but that is not the only function of a modern aircon unit. Besides also warming up the temperature an aircon can also filter the air from dust and other particles. You also get antibacterial spray with the units. Something extremely useful with germs and viruses in the air. This is especially important because you are cleaning and warming the air at the same time.

Not only will you be making your working or domestic environment more comfortable and bearable during the cold months, but gloriously cooler in sum…

Workshop In Kempton Park

Car Service Workshop In Kempton Park Wessels Motors services all the popular brands of vehicles in Kempton Park and surrounding areas. They have been doing this for the past 48 years - a record on its own.
As workshops go they are highly rated because they have been awarded 5 stars by the Motor Industry Workshop Association. This is a very prestigious award and they deserve it. I bought a 1998 E230 Mercedes in 2009. I didn't have a good workshop on my previous cars so I hunted for one that would service my car with excellence. Then I discovered Wessels Motors. Ever since the first service back then I have always serviced my car there.
Because Wessels Motors service my car they have a proper record of it and know the car inside out. The result is that my Mercedes, although it is now 22 years old, it still runs like a new car and gives me no trouble at all. The mileage is now 255 331 kilometres. 
I have owned many cars and regularly bought a demo model every three years on average b…

USB Promotion Philandria Industry Consultants

Executive Leather USB s with FREE Engraving  For corporate gifts that remind your clients of your company brand you can order lovely executive leather USB s from Philandria situated in Birchleigh, Kempton Park.

These executive leather USB s look neat and attractive and will make an excellent promotional giveaway for any company, especially if you have your company logo engraved on it.

Most people nowadays make use of a USB when working with computers. It's actually a necessity. So, they would welcome a gift like that because they will use it over and over again.

You can order printing of business cards and company stationery; flyers and posters; large format printing and signage; graphic and logo designs; canvas printing; vehicle branding, and CNC services from Philandria.

They provide a wide range of services. Give them a call.

Valentine's Day Mugs

"Will you be my Valentine?"
These words are soon going to be uttered by many and love will be in the air. Love, is that powerful ingredient that causes us to do good things and is not just a feeling but an action. Showing someone that you love them is one of the greatest gifts you can give from your heart.
Valentine's Day Mugs can be a lasting memory and can be ordered from, a company that I have mentioned before in an article.

Road Freight to Zimbabwe

Gauteng has a large number of trucks that transport goods cross border to Zimbabwe. Wherever I travel I’ve come across companies operating fleets handling this type of operation. One company that stands out in terms of excellence is SRB Trading and Transport.
I’ve been involved with this company for years and have seen them grow from strength to strength. It’s because the owner has offered the perfect solution to companies that suits their needs. SRB Trading and Transport is a cross-border transporting company specializing in consolidated loads to Zimbabwe. 
Their Focus •They service companies that need to have goods transported between South Africa and Zimbabwe only •They have a sister company in Zimbabwe (Hyperzone Trading Company) •They can provide South African Clearing and Customs Services for the Zimbabwean Clearing •SRB Trading and Transport will collect the goods and consolidate the load •They do not wait for full loads and every Friday one two or three trucks leave for Harar…

Brand Your Vehicle For Business

Ensure that your business is part of the new advertising trends. Make vehicle branding one of your top advertising priorities this year. In the 21st century digital and online marketing is highly effective and vehicle branding can complement this greatly.

A branded vehicle can act as a mobile display window for your company. Philandria is Avery accredited and only use the best vinyl in order to give you the perfect look on your vehicle branding.

Philandria offer vehicle magnets as a non-permanent way of branding and vinyl cuts for permanent branding. They have the best vinyl for vehicle wrapping and colour changes, the vinyl is called the supreme wrapping film with a 3-year warranty and there is no glue residue upon removal of vinyl. They offer professional branding in a variety of colours. Contact them today!

Dyna Tuning 2020

A 5-Star review is a big stamp of approval and is invaluable. Google Search Console provides these reviews to my inbox for some of my clients. The New Year 2020 has kicked off and the petrol heads will most probably be lining up at RBTS Racing for dyno tuning. If you fall in that category and expect the best performance out of your car then you should book as soon as possible.
ContactRBTS Racingfor world-classDyna Tuningand benefit from the special care taken during the tune-up.
If you are a new client to RBTS Racing you can view their website and visit their Facebook page for more information.

Gardening Hardware Stories

Gardening Hardware Distributor, RJE Distributors, sent me a few Garden Tools to try out. I was very pleased with them because I have a yard that always needs attention. My wife and I recently started giving more attention to improving our garden during December. The recent good rains have made the ground soft and perfect for weeding.
Unfortunately, we discovered that keeping a gardener wasn’t working out for us. Certain things were being done but when it came to thorn bushes and weeds it was a lost cause. Working in tandem, we started weeding the garden before Christmas. Each of us chose a spot. I must say that the thorn bushes are particularly difficult to remove. They are in between the grass and one has to use a special tool to get to the roots where it has a carrot-like bulb. If you don’t remove that together with the roots and plant, you are wasting your time.
I work early in the mornings and late in the afternoons to avoid the harsh sun. For some reason my skin gets melanoma-li…