Spades - Gardening Hardware (RJE Distributors)

Spades - Gardening Hardware (RJE Distributors)

A spade is one of the main tools used for digging holes in the garden. Without a decent spade, I normally battle. This spade from RJE Distributors has been added recently to my arsenal of tools I will be using to get my garden looking the way I want it.

During the winter months, we will be making some changes to our garden to make it more organized and looking much better. So far we have successfully grown granadillas, fig trees, and avocado trees in our front yard. However, there are patches of sand where the grass has refused to grow and in other places, wild grass has taken over where there once was grass. I suppose I am to blame because I have been too busy with work.

We plan to turn things around so that we can enjoy our garden again. The recent drought also played a major part in destroying much of its former glory. A fresh start can change that. So we are already removing unwanted weeds and wild grass. In the meantime, we have the trees and granadillas and some succulents that will be spread out. We recently bought a grapevine which is already producing young shoots.

So thanks to RJE Distributors for the excellent Tramontina spade that will help with the job. This lovely spade will be put to good work in our garden. If you are a nursery or gardening shop then you can order your gardening hardware and plastic pots directly from RJE Distributors at wholesale prices. Please contact them for excellent service.


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