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School Photography - Gauteng - Maret Pro Lab

School photographs get taken every year of pupils in their school uniforms to create a lasting memory. The high performers usually line up with their collection of certificates, cups, and medals. It is a proud moment for them. Some of the pupils do so well academically and in sports that there's sometimes hardly any room for all their awards.

Other pupils, without the accolades, also proudly pose for their school pictures to be taken. They know that their parents want to see them at their best in their uniforms. The photos will be shown to grandparents, family, and friends.

For the photographer, it is a very busy occasion. The lighting has to be just right and an appropriate backdrop has to be set up. Not all the children are always in the mood for photographs so the school photographer has to get them to smile. Then there's a shirt to be tucked in or a tie to be straightened - which could spoil the photo. Or their hair isn't combed nicely. So attention to detail is important.

When the session begins it's: check the subject; aim the camera; focus on the eyes; say "smile"; wait for that moment; squeeze the shutter button; check the results. If all is good the next pupil is called.

This is repeated hundreds of times. It takes dedication and practice to master a huge session for a whole school. The photographer has to focus and stay sharp for hours on end. After a while, he is like a robot in automatic mode taking photograph after photograph. It's very tiring.

School Photography - Personalised Gifts - Gauteng -

When the photo shoot is over, it's time to pack up and head back to the studio. The camera is hooked up to the computer and all the photographs have to be downloaded. That's when the second stage of the hard work begins - editing and adjusting tons of photos. This important work usually takes even longer than the actual photo shoot.

Maret Pro Lab is a professional photographic company that spent many years perfecting such photo shoots for schools. Through dedication to excellence, hard work, and customer satisfaction they have built up a large, loyal client base amongst schools and creches. They understand their market and put their clients' needs first.

This group of professional photographers has expanded its operation to include quality printing. They have their own printing machines to accommodate all the photos taken.

School photographs are not their only forte. They also do product shots and portrait work. Sometimes they do photography at events like mountain bike races. Maret Pro Lab also does personalized gifts such as mugs, mousepads, clocks, and similar items.

With their large format printer, they print on canvas and do enlargements as well. The canvas prints can be ordered framed professionally.

If you need school photographs or a portrait taken then Maret Pro Lab are a reliable company to contact. That also goes for printing and personalized gifts. Go over to their website to see the full spectrum of services they have to offer.


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