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Tiny Dot Studio stained glass

A stained glass window, stained glass door panels or a stained glass lampshade to decorate your home! The most beautiful windows are made with stained glass. Above are some of the most beautiful examples made by Petro of Tiny Dot Studio.

Because of hard work, professional workmanship, and customer service Tiny Dot Studio has been added to the Aw-Sum Community Directory.

I will quote from my previous article as follows:

“Okay, you get the picture. A window is a two-dimensional object. Now add light to it and it becomes three dimensional. Close your eyes and picture the most exquisite stained glass window in a church that you visited once. What do you experience? Many more dimensions, hey. You start to hear organ music and a choir singing - heavenly music. Your memories take you back to a special time in your life. The colours in the design represent many different things like the red depicting a pleasant warmth of love. The blue represents the sky and heaven - a higher dimension. The green reminds you of growth and nature. White would be purity.

All these colours and emotions flood through your mind, spirit, and emotions putting you in a safe and secure place in your mind. Two dimensions have just become three, four, five, countless dimensions inside of your experience. Many things, emotions, experiences coupled with that beautiful two-dimensional stained glass window.

So a stained glass window is much more than what you see - it's an experience, a place of safety, a good emotion, and lovely to behold.

Now consider the artist behind that creation. She meets you and listens to your ideas. She also observes your whole being and captures all you represent in that brief meeting because she has to create your masterpiece and build some magic into your special stained glass creation.

As a skilled craftsman, she takes colours and weaves them together into a masterpiece. It takes innate talent together with years of experience to transform your ideas into reality. That's her skill and passion. It's hard work cutting the pieces of glass and binding them together with lead. Glass is a brittle and fragile medium. Make a mistake and you cut yourself or damage the piece and have to start over again. It's also tiring and back-breaking work - not for just anyone.

The final stained glass creating is a culmination of all of the above facets and ideas that produce a multi-dimensional experience that lasts for many years. It's also different experiences for different people. Just like paintings and sculptures stained glass is a work of art and the creator is an artist (in a grand language they would say, "an arteest," which the dictionary defines as "a person who is highly skilled in some occupation).

This leads us to the final question: who is the artist? In this instance, I'm referring to a special lady at Tiny Dot Studio. Contact her for your magnificent idea in stained glass. She is that gifted arteest."


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