Fruit Trees In Pots

RJE Distributors Colour Pots

We decided three years ago that we wanted a fig tree in our yard and I bought one for my wife. This year we picked the first decent figs at the beginning of February and they were heavenly. The tree came in a pot from Goodies4Gardens, originally supplied by RJE Distributors. I didn’t know it at the time because I only met the people from RJE Distributors recently and discovered that they are the suppliers of garden pots and other hardware to Goodies4Gardens.

Last Sunday we visited Goodies again to find out whether they had any more fruit trees in the nursery section. The man who runs the nursery took us to the trees they had and showed us grape vines, mangoes, peaches, apricots, and pomegranate trees. That was a big surprise because we always wanted to have those in our garden as well.

It only occurred to me afterward that they also grew in pots so that they were portable. I find this encouraging because one could transfer them into larger pots at home if you didn’t have space in your garden.

When we first moved into our home, we had a peach tree in the backyard.  It wasn’t bearing any fruit and was making a mess so we cut it down. At the time we weren’t paying attention to fruit trees. Looking back, we could possibly have sought advice on whether we could do something to make the tree bear peaches. I say this because it takes quite a while for fruit trees to bear beautiful fruit. That’s my personal opinion, not necessarily true.

Having now discovered that we can buy fruit trees from Goodies4Gardens we are planning to prepare places in different parts of our garden for the trees. We will have to buy special soil and fertilizer and discover what is best for the trees we want to plant. I will be looking at the RJE Distributors website to see what they have in stock and then buy the items from Goodies4Gardens. If you are wondering why I’m constantly mentioning these two companies then the answer is very simple. I support those who support me where possible.

RJE Distributors is a family-owned company and I like the people because they are service orientated and helpful. I’m also in favour of medium-sized companies who are approachable and open to suggestions. I just like the people there. So, I encourage anyone who is into gardening to have a look at their website and support them. I do my best to only promote companies who offer value and service to my readers.


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