The Anatomy of a Safety Shoe

Workmaster Safety Shoes

 The Anatomy of a Safety Shoe

Safety shoes and safety boots are in a league of their own. Their primary purpose is to allow you to be comfortable while being productive in the workplace and protected at the same time.

When I look at the magnificent range of protective footwear in the BOVA catalogue on the Workmaster website I can get a pretty good picture of how complex these shoes are and how packed they are with features that benefit the wearer.

Starting at the top of the list let’s inspect the pedigree of these safety shoes.

Podiatry Association of South Africa (PASA)

PASA approved styles
They are ergonomically designed and tested to increase foot health. This ensures comfort because they are approved by qualified podiatrists.

Vibram Technology

Here they have the world leader in rubber sole technology, Vibram. Renowned traction engineering technology ensures superior slip resistance.

Ultra-Fresh Technology

An Internationally patented microbial technology protects various products (even used in spacesuits) ensures a longer lifespan, lasting performance, odour control, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial protection. Every BOVA shoe and boot includes Ultra-Fresh Technology moisture management.

Ruco-Bac AGP Technology

Ruco-Bac AGP is a silver-based technology, anti-microbial that fights foot odour, allergies and infections.  It utilises Nanoparticles of silver chloride which kills 95% of bacteria within 2 hours. It is also environmentally-friendly.

Energiser Woollen Top Sock Technology

It is made from highly absorbent 100% wool and treated with Ultra-Fresh.

Poron/ EVA Cushioned Top Sock Technology

The top sock responds to temperature and weight and moulds to the shape of each wearer’s foot. The Poron insert at the front and heal of the foot provides optimum support where it is needed the most. This top sock provides the wearer with the benefits of shock absorption, reduced aches and fatigue and more comfort.

Gelonair Top Sock Technology

Gelonair is moulded from a thermoplastic rubber gel material and delivers high cushion energy before and after compression, resulting in improved vascular micro-circulation of the feet.

The headline above this magnificent list states that these protective safety shoes and boots have been manufactured beyond industry standards. It certainly impressed me. Workmaster is an excellent company carrying a range of safety shoes and boots that are right for ensuring workforce safety and comfort. They are focused on customer service and satisfaction. They also stock other brands such as HI-TEC, BOVA, FRAMS and SISI. Workmaster also stocks protective shoes that feature long-lasting polyurethane soles. Other features not mentioned yet include steel toe caps, shank reinforcement for arch support, quick-release D-rings, as well as oil and acid resistant properties.

Wow, these safety shoes are amazing. I want a pair. I don’t think my shoes are that good. I’ve been to companies where the people are working around heavy objects, that if dropped by accident, would crush their feet. The buildings are boiling hot inside and create an ideal environment for fungal and bacterial growth causing foot odours and possible infections.

Then there’s the aspect of being on your feet all day long resulting in tired feet and possible back problems. We don’t realize just how important shoes are until something goes wrong. Prevention is better than cure.

Just like athletes wear running shoes, rugby players wear togs, soccer players have their own style of footwear, golf enthusiasts have their own shoes, and cyclists have special shoes to perform better. The list goes on and on. That’s why I decided to write about safety shoes so that people can be made aware of the benefits that come from wearing these protective shoes and the comfort that they offer.

In one of my previous articles, I related how important safety shoes have been to me in the workplace. Our feet carry us wherever we need to go. Surely that’s enough reason to ensure that they are comfortable and protected at the same time. I don’t think that any of my casual shoes have anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties let alone proper sweat absorption. They also don’t have fancy inserts that protect the arches of my feet or cushion my feet properly.

When I walk in a mall with slippery tiles my shoes don’t have anti-slip technology to prevent me from slipping and injuring my hip or something. No, these shoes have more technology built into them and would be an investment in myself. How about you?
Contact Workmaster and order yours today.


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