Race Into 2019

Action Race Techniques

It’s 2019 and the start of a brand new year. I’m going to be telling you a bit about where I’m located and a few interesting facts about the place.

If you jet in from somewhere else in the world to this part of Southern Africa you would be landing at OR Tambo International Airport. As you set foot on the ground you would be in the city of Kempton Park. This would be the doorway to the financial hub of Johannesburg.

Kempton Park originally came from two large farms, Zuurfontein and Rietfontein, that were divided and developed over the years. To the north lies Tembisa and beyond that Pretoria, the capital of the Republic of South Africa.

What is Kempton Park famous for? World Trade Centre, which adjoins the airport, was the venue for multi-party CODESA negotiations to end the apartheid system through the country's first multi-racial elections. Famous and successful people were born and bred in Kempton Park. A golfer, actors, and a whole host of talented individuals have their roots in this city.

Maybe that’s why I was attracted to this place. When I roam about searching for clients I chance upon some wonderful companies. It’s quite interesting to discover what they are all about and a real pleasure to be of service to them.

The secret to my success lies in discovering these successful people and exposing their successes to the world. Maybe they aren’t world-famous and known globally but they are successful in their own right.

In researching some facts for this article I came across an interesting story in Wheels 24. Johan Ackerman, from Kempton Park, used to be a test driver for a German car manufacturer and also a mechanic responsible for the preparation of legendary race driver Tony Viana’s BMW in 1988 and 1989. He always wanted to build his own car, and successfully completed a racing car replica in fourteen months of hard work.

Maybe you can see where this is going. I’m on the subject of building racing cars. I discovered a company that builds and works on racing cars. It’s situated in a factory complex full of talented people in companies that deserve wider recognition for their excellent services. Maybe they were all attracted to the same place because they are highly talented in their respective fields of expertise. I told you I have a knack of discovering successful people!

Action Race Techniques is the name of the company in question. Action Race Boys, the company that builds and works on beautiful racing cars, became part of AR Tech since it is a family-owned business. I convinced them to start a website for better exposure on the Internet. They eventually agreed and a simple, one-page website was created. This will eventually be expanded to more pages and information.

Action Race Techniques regularly attend race events of their clients’ cars – talking about commitment. It’s interesting when I visit them to get up close to actual racing cars that roar around a circuit at high speeds. I was researching this subject on Google and it’s very obvious that it takes a certain type of person to get involved in building and racing cars. It’s also a very costly pastime. But that’s a passion for you. If you are hooked on something you find a way of making your dreams come true. I like that.

So you would be in a good place if you wanted work done on your racing car because Action Race Techniques are also distributors of the very components needed to build or repair the racing cars. The last time I visited them I saw a huge collection of trophy cups that they had won. Maybe it’s interesting material for another future article.

Who says creating websites is boring work? I get to know all types of interesting people who are talented and successful. Then I often get to write about some of them so that others can benefit from their services. It’s a win-win success formula. Don’t forget to make their acquaintance.


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