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Maret Pro Lab - concert photography at creche

Last year I was commissioned by Maret Pro Lab to take photographs of a school concert. I immediately agreed since they were my client and needed assistance. I must say that I was a bit nervous because their photography is of an exceptionally high standard and I didn't want to disappoint them.

Well, the evening came and I pitched up at the venue rather early to reconnoitre the place and take a few test shots to get my camera ready. Once things start happening there's no time to fiddle with camera settings. It was quite a difficult assignment because I had to take as many photographs of the kids as I could during each session but the parents preferred individual shots of their children.

The lady in charge had rented a huge backdrop and the kids were outstanding in their performances with the most colourful costumes I've seen in a long time. It was the most professional performance for children so young. Once everything started I had a small window of opportunity to take my shots.

The other problem was that I could only shoot from in front of the stage. I wasn't allowed on stage and half the children were quite far off. Fortunately, I have a good camera.

Once all was done, I left and that's when the hard and tiring work of editing lay ahead. Most of the time I had to zoom in closer and crop to fit the kids' images. At the end of it all the photographs turned out fine and everyone was happy.

Maret Pro Lab is just what the name says, a professional photographic and digital printing company that takes photographs at numerous schools. Their standard of operations is very high and they have built up an impressive reputation amongst their clients. Their website states that they are passionate about people, printing and photography. They love building relationships and pursue creativity.

Besides that, they include personalised gifts and promotional products. They have a number of computers and external hard drives with probably a million photographs on them. They are very hard workers and spend many hours editing thousands of photographs to absolute perfection. I don't envy them.

If you are in their area of operation and need a reliable company to take photographs then Maret Pro Lab is the outfit to choose.


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