Chiropractor Checkup 2019

Lady walking in water-New Year's Resolution-Dr Felix

Chiropractor Checkup 2019

I want to be healthier in 2019. This may be your New Year's resolution for 2019. It certainly is mine.

To get me through the year I definitely want to be healthy so that I can enjoy life and be able to do my work and have a good time when I'm off duty.

Recently (last year in December), I woke up on a Sunday morning and was drunk and my head was spinning. When I walked to the bathroom I struggled to keep my balance. As I turned around to sit I fell over backward and almost landed in the bath.

This continued for about 3 - 4 weeks and it really worried me. When I walked away from people I was still struggling with my balance and must have looked like I was tipsy.

Fortunately, it cleared up eventually.

The point is that something like that can just pop up out of nowhere and it seems as if your health has taken a turn for the worst. That's why my New Year's resolution is to be healthier and look after myself. I'm sure you wish the same for yourself.

Until I had my first chiropractic checkup this sort of treatment would never have crossed my mind. But there was an episode with my back and I was fortunate to be introduced to Dr. Felix Starker by my client, Petro of Tiny Dot Studio. So a chiropractic checkup is definitely on my New Year's resolution list for 2019. Again, I hope it's on your list as well.

So here's to a healthy New Year in 2019 and let's get that chiropractic checkup with Dr. Felix Starker to make sure our bodies are in good order. The body is a complex system and it's a great idea to have that checkup.


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