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From This Moment - New Year's Resolution 2020

"From this moment." Potent words backed by a powerful commitment and decision. Shania Twain made these words popular in her song by the same title. It has been sung at many wedding ceremonies, but they can also herald in life changing commitments, like a New Year's resolution.

I'm not one for these New Year's resolutions but this morning I decided it was time to commit to a change in my life. It's so easy to allow circumstances to influence what happens in one's life. To go with the flow and end up with regret and a feeling of despair.

Greatness follows the brave who dream big and have a clear vision of what they want their future to look like. When setbacks happen, they forge ahead relentlessly chasing their dreams. I was considering this last night. I offer a service to business owners to increase the visibility and effectiveness of their websites through SEO (known as search engine optimization).

It takes a certain amount of trust all round to make th…

Our Rich World!

On December 7, 2019 I started watching YouTube for a bit of relaxation. As a self-employed person looking after customers’ websites, I have spent most weekends this year working for other people and not having much time to relax and enjoy myself.

So, I could be excused for a bit of me time.

I started blogging round about 2012. (Although this one goes back to 2013). The idea was to have fun while writing about my experiences – a way of sharing. It started pretty well, and I had a great time, However, lately I have fallen into a rut. So, this is an attempt to get back into writing a bit about what I really enjoy and maybe you will have a better reading experience.

Just after I got married, I was fascinated by home-built aircraft and fanaticised about building my own.  It was a time when people in America were going crazy building all kinds of flying machines one could only dream of. I’m mad about flying machines and design and build and fly my own radio-controlled planes as a hobby. On …

Conti Suits - Workmaster

Conti suits and overalls are a very practical way to clothe your workforce engaged in construction, engineering and warehousing environments. It's like a uniform and has a protective element to it.
The reflective strips aid in visibility during the daytime as well as in the dark. It ensures less wear and tear to your staffs' normal attire and at the same time identifies the wearers as workers in certain sections. Besides that, I think it looks smart.
Workmaster, again provides all you need for protecting your workforce and have been engaged in the PPE industry long enough to be able to provide you with advice as well as the right clothing for your needs at a good price. Contact them today. They are ready to assist you!

Promtional Gifts - Philandria

Very pretty mug, tumbler and two water bottles are now on promotion at Philandria, the company I promoted two weeks ago in an article. These items are nice giveaways for companies that want to promote their brands.
Often, when I attend training seminars I get spoiled with similar items. They are always handy and a reminder of they events I attended. We recently had to do some photography for a creche and needed to take some sandwiches and hot tea along for when we were at the event. Guess what? My wife remembered that we had two lovely Neurolink flasks that we could use. So I decided to do a little trip into the past (on my blog) and found this.
This article is from 8th June 2014 when I was still relatively new to blogging. It focused on the cold. I decided to share it now since we recently witnessed the total eclipse of the moon.
The Sun, like an angry king, occupies center stage in our Solar System with glorious pomp. Gigantic flares periodically gush outwards from its massive diam…

Philandria - Corporate Gifts Promotion

A while ago I came across a delightful company within walking distance from my home. The manageress, by the name of Mariska de Jager, was very friendly and described all the services that Philandria offer clients. Their portfolio includes Vehicle Branding, CNC Lathe Machines Service and Refurbishing, all kinds of Printing Solutions - Business Cards, Company Stationery etc, Graphic Design which includes Logo Design and Branding. They offer Large Format Printing and Signage, Pamphlets, Flyers, Posters, Personalized Gifts, and Name Tags, Laser Cutting & Sandblasting, Premium Canvas Printing and Box Mounting. Philandria can also supply Corporate Gifts and Clothing. Suppliers of King Tony, Micro Tech & Unison Tools. Certainly, an impressive list of services.

With such a large portfolio they still manage to provide consistent quality and client satisfaction. This is evident from the testimonials from happy clients. So, I offered my services to redo their website and help spread the…

Dura Stone Paving – Paving Contractor Gauteng

Dura Stone Paving situated in Bredell on the East Rand have been producing exquisite paving solutions for the past 14 years. From cobble walkways to beautiful poolside paving and neat driveways.
Dura Stone Paving also manufacture all their own paving stones that come in a variety of colours: Desert SandLeopardTanSandstoneHyena Dove GreyCharcoal Natural
To ensure that they offer a wide variety of paving solutions that will accommodate different needs that clients may require their range extends from 100mm square to 400mm square with other configurations in between. These are all available in the colours mentioned above.
If you look at their recently created website you will notice that they have done some magnificent projects at schools, complexes, private homes, and business sites. Driveways, carport paving, poolside paving, and walkway paving are part of their forte. You will find that their work is of a very high standard and looks very neat and attractive.
Because they have been pr…

Strawberry Pot Project Update

A while ago I decided to try growing strawberries in pots. Today I decided to photograph the progress so far with this project

My strawberry plant is already producing some fruit in the round plastic plant pot with saucer from RJE Distributors (they supply nurseries and gardening shops).

About two years ago I bought a pot of strawberry plants from Goodies4Gardens. Since then the strawberry patch has grown and spread out over a whole section of our little backyard garden. Those strawberry plants have been branching out like crazy. My wife, Maggie, said we must get some pots for the young plants.

Growing our own strawberries have been so pleasant because we get fresh strawberries from our garden and we eat them just after picking them - you don't get fresher than that. The strawberry plants in the back yard are still producing fruit that we enjoy on a regular basis.

So, my "strawberry plant in a pot" project is doing well. The latest photograph is a testimony to that. All I m…

Winter Wellness - w.h.i.p.s

Fight The Flu Wellness Health Insurance Pathology Services SA (w.h.i.p.s)  is one of the country’s largest providers of mobile health, medical and point of care services.
They invite you to join them on their journey to a healthier you and a complete wellness transformation of your corporate environment!
Each year the flu virus changes. In the winter of 2018, there was an intense outbreak of influenza in the northern hemisphere, evidently the deadliest in a number of decades, resulting in as much as 80 000 deaths (according to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).
Complications related to flu can be very serious often weakening heart conditions. They can also lead to pneumonia and be life-threatening. So there are a few suggestions that will help keep you safer and healthier during this winter.
Eat Healthier Eat fruit and vegetables containing Vitamin C and Zinc. Make sure that you regularly include citrus fruit (like oranges), peppers and broccoli for your Vitamin C i…
Workmaster always has something for their clients. This time they are introducing a special Conti Suit that is unique. It’s called a Come n Go Conti Suit. The reason for this is that when viewed from the front you will see a highly visible green upper half, but when you view from behind the upper half is hi-viz orange. This has a security aspect to the suit because you can see what’s happening at a distance and you will know who is facing you and who is standing with their backs to you. I think this is a handy workwear item.

This unique feature could be of benefit if you had two departments and you outfitted one department in normal Conti Suits and the other department in Come n Go Conti Suits. Then you would be able to distinguish between the two immediately.

Besides these differences, it’s vital to protect your workforce with high visibility workwear. It gives them the perception of wearing a uniform and is highly noticeable in the dark. It’s also good for avoiding accidents.

I thi…

School Photography - Gauteng

School photographs get taken every year of pupils in their school uniforms to create a lasting memory. The high performers usually line up with their collection of certificates, cups, and medals. It is a proud moment for them. Some of the pupils do so well academically and in sports that there's sometimes hardly any room for all their awards.

Other pupils, without the accolades, also proudly pose for their school pictures to be taken. They know that their parents want to see them at their best in their uniforms. The photos will be shown to grandparents, family, and friends.

For the photographer, it is a very busy occasion. The lighting has to be just right and an appropriate backdrop has to be set up. Not all the children are always in the mood for photographs so the school photographer has to get them to smile. Then there's a shirt to be tucked in or a tie to be straightened - which could spoil the photo. Or their hair isn't combed nicely. So attention to detail is impor…

Spades - Gardening Hardware (RJE Distributors)

A spade is one of the main tools used for digging holes in the garden. Without a decent spade, I normally battle. This spade from RJE Distributors has been added recently to my arsenal of tools I will be using to get my garden looking the way I want it.
During the winter months, we will be making some changes to our garden to make it more organized and looking much better. So far we have successfully grown granadillas, fig trees, and avocado trees in our front yard. However, there are patches of sand where the grass has refused to grow and in other places, wild grass has taken over where there once was grass. I suppose I am to blame because I have been too busy with work.
We plan to turn things around so that we can enjoy our garden again. The recent drought also played a major part in destroying much of its former glory. A fresh start can change that. So we are already removing unwanted weeds and wild grass. In the meantime, we have the trees and granadillas and some succulents that…

Mother's Day & Goodies Sports Bar Specials

Mother's Day and Sports Bar Specials at Goodies Restaurant in Glen Marais. With Mother's Day approaching, it's a good time to book your seats in advance to avoid the last minute rush and disappointment.
Their Goodies Restaurant Mother's Day Celebration Carvery Menu, as depicted in the photo above, is definitely going to be a feast that any mother will appreciate. The following mouthwatering food will be available: Homemade soupFreshly baked bread & rolls3 SaladsRoasted Beef ShirazRoasted PorkRoasted Rosemary ChickenBeef CurryCauliflower with cheese sauceCreamy SpinachRoasted ButternutFour Desserts Feast at this carvery for only R169.00 per person. Kids under 12 half price. Their website is at For bookings call: 011 391 8089.
In the meantime, if you haven't visited there yet, you can pop in at the Goodies Sports Bar. They have delicious specials on offer during the week. Monday to Friday 12h00 pm - 2h00 pm:2 Double Wellingtons & …

Strawberry Pot Project

I often wake up early in the morning to have a time of prayer and meditation. It's a good time to think about what's important to me as a person. The only distractions are my own thoughts and wandering mind. About a week ago I had a brainwave during one of these early morning sessions. Today the beginning of that idea became a reality.

This morning my wife and I visited Goodies4Gardens, our local nursery, to look for the perfect plastic pot for strawberries. And I found what I was looking for - a 12.5 cm terra round plastic plant pot with saucer from RJE Distributors (they supply nurseries and gardening shops). That was step number one.

About two years ago I bought a pot of strawberry plants from Goodies4Gardens. Since then the strawberry patch has grown and spread out over a whole section of our little backyard garden. Those strawberry plants have been branching out like crazy. My wife, Maggie, said we must get some pots for the young plants.

So I imagined getting one of the…

RBTS Racing - Awesome

Dyna Tuning - RBTS Racing
Engine Management & Dyna Tuning Specialists. All local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems - Spitronics, etc.
Spitronics, Haltech, and MoTec: We do the installations, faultfinding, and mapping for these locally available world-class systems.
They specialize in the tuning of all local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems such as Spitronics, Dicktator, Gotech, Powermods, and Mr. Turbo, etc. 
With their Dastek 4 Wheel Drive wind tunnel dyno, owners with Subaru's, Mitsubishi Evolution's, Nissan Skyline's, Land Rovers and Bakkies are all welcome.
They also tune all International Engine Management Systems such as AEM, Haltech, Hondata, Motec, etc.
They are Dastek Unichip agents.
They also do specialized mapping on Evo's, Subarus, and Toyota GT 86.
RBTS Racing has demonstrated that they provide excellent customer service and provide professional services. Therefore, they have been added to the Aw-Sum Community Directory.

Tiny Dot Studio - Awesome

A stained glass window, stained glass door panels or a stained glass lampshade to decorate your home! The most beautiful windows are made with stained glass. Above are some of the most beautiful examples made by Petro of Tiny Dot Studio.

Because of hard work, professional workmanship, and customer service Tiny Dot Studio has been added to the Aw-Sum Community Directory.

I will quote from my previous article as follows:

“Okay, you get the picture. A window is a two-dimensional object. Now add light to it and it becomes three dimensional. Close your eyes and picture the most exquisite stained glass window in a church that you visited once. What do you experience? Many more dimensions, hey. You start to hear organ music and a choir singing - heavenly music. Your memories take you back to a special time in your life. The colours in the design represent many different things like the red depicting a pleasant warmth of love. The blue represents the sky and heaven - a higher dimension. The …

Supa-Fit Your Car

Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop is situated at the GT Centre next to The Great North Road is a great place to supa-fit your vehicle. GT Centre is well-known to people in the Kempton Park area and Supa-Fit is a great vehicle repair, maintenance, and mechanical workshop.
Services •Tyres This means that you can buy new tyres for your car and have them balanced and the wheel alignment can be done there.  •Exhausts If your car needs a new exhaust or even a free-flow exhaust fitted, Supa-Fit can do it.  •Service your car Maybe your car isn't performing well, and you are considering an engine overhaul, then Supa-Fit has the right workshop, equipment, and technicians to get the job done.  •Brakes, etc. They also do brakes, cv joints, tow bars, batteries and fix punctures. They also do turbo conversions.
You can't miss their workshop when you are traveling on the Great North Road because they have painted their logo in big letters against a red background on their building. If you are lik…

Chiropractor Follow-up 2019

The last time I wrote about the chiropractor it was about doing a check-up for 2019
I’m sure everyone wants to enjoy a healthy life so this may be something important to read.
When I was younger, I heard people talking about chiropractors and how they helped them with their health issues. Being a reasonably healthy guy myself I just ignored what those people were talking about and I thought they were a bit odd.
Then, about 3 years ago I had a rather bad episode with my back. I became like an invalid and suffered much pain. The doctor I went to was suggesting a back operation as the only cure. I asked for an injection for the excruciating pain. That only exacerbated the problem.
Then we met a friend in the supermarket who told my wife about her husband who had been cured by chiropractic treatment. Guess what I did next? Yes, I booked an appointment with her chiropractor. That wasn’t the right move either. Just like my previous visit to the wrong doctor, my condition became worse. Pl…


Some of you who have read stories of my past can agree I was a pretty decent guy.

I wasn’t a trouble maker. You could trust me with your last dollar and if you needed a dollar I was your guy.

I always looked out for my friends and hated to see anybody get hurt. If you had one too many beers I’d get you home. If something made you sad I was there to listen.

But of all those proud moments there was one not so proud moment that frustrates me to this day.

It was the day the Animal fought my friend.

How can you not like sports?
It was my senior year. I was knee deep in a study group for a class I had to pass. It was a stressful time. The class was hard, the teacher harder and my nerves were shot.

Thankfully a member of that group shared my misery.

Ted was smart, kind and patient whenever I was stumped on a question. He was also clueless when it came to high-school sports.

Neither of us knew it at the time but his cluelessness would prove to be a downfall for both of us.

Ted was a tall, mu…

Dyna Tuning - A Positive Review

It's always nice when a client is satisfied with your work and shows it by giving you an honest review on Google My Business. I regularly visit RBTS Racing and usually encounter clients in their shop. What I have noticed is that they are always smiling and chatting with the owners. That speaks of satisfaction and confidence in the company.
Contact RBTS Racing for world-class Dyna Tuning and benefit from the special care taken during the tune-up.
I have written about their amazing setup before and decided to include some photographs of cars in the dyno room for my readers. As I've said in previous articles it's a real treat visiting RBTS Racing because I get to see some exquisite cars and muscle engines.

Give RBTS Racing a call.

New Beginners' Classes - Karate

New beginners’ karate classes have been available since March 2019. Mondays and Wednesdays from 17:00 to 19:00 Cell: 083 320-4339 Tony de Beer.
In the world, we live in it's a good idea to know how to defend yourself. Shorei Martial Arts Academy is run by a very experienced Sensei who is willing to teach beginners how to deal with attackers. I wrote about his karate school before and he can be reached via his cell number or website.
Shorei Martial Arts Academy has also now been added to Aw-Sum Community Directory. That's for awesome services and quality standards.

Fruit Trees In Pots

We decided three years ago that we wanted a fig tree in our yard and I bought one for my wife. This year we picked the first decent figs at the beginning of February and they were heavenly. The tree came in a pot from Goodies4Gardens, originally supplied by RJE Distributors. I didn’t know it at the time because I only met the people from RJE Distributors recently and discovered that they are the suppliers of garden pots and other hardware to Goodies4Gardens.

Last Sunday we visited Goodies again to find out whether they had any more fruit trees in the nursery section. The man who runs the nursery took us to the trees they had and showed us grape vines, mangoes, peaches, apricots, and pomegranate trees. That was a big surprise because we always wanted to have those in our garden as well.

It only occurred to me afterward that they also grew in pots so that they were portable. I find this encouraging because one could transfer them into larger pots at home if you didn’t have space in you…

JLG Cherry Picker Sales

NEW 2019 JLG CHERRY PICKER FOR SALE This JLG Articulating Boom Lift is for sale at SA Platforms, the lifting platforms specialists, in Meyerton, Gauteng. It has cutting edge features such as variable engine control which cuts fuel consumption and operating costs. The JLG has quicker starting and leading elevation times and is thus more productive.
A full spec sheet can be downloaded from the SA Platforms website with a whole bunch of other information about what you can expect from a brilliant cherry picker like this. Some people prefer to call it a lifting platform or a motorized elevating platform, but it does a fantastic job of making working at heights so much easier.
So head on over to the website and discover all the details about this machine. This JLG comes with full certified training for 2 operators and delivery within the borders of South Africa.

Garden Pots And Hardware

My wife, Maggie, has a natural gift for growing plants. She manages to grow just about anything. I’m not so fortunate. For some reason, I struggle. A while ago I decided to grow tomatoes in pots and they started out okay but died after some time making me disappointed.

I became interested in growing vegetables in pots when I came across amazing pins on Pinterest on the subject. Avid gardeners usually blog about their hobby or pastime and then promote them on Pinterest for the world to see. I’m looking at one of these articles as I’m typing and there’s a photo of a big plastic pot with about twenty carrots growing in it. The photo also shows the grower’s hand holding ten healthy looking carrots next to the plastic flower pot. The article reads, “Container Gardening for Vegetables.”

It would have been wiser if I did some reading on the subject of growing my plants in containers like plastic pots before I started. Already, as I’m reading the article, I can see where things went wrong fo…

Pool Nets And Covers - Water Safety

Whenever we hear of people drowning in swimming pools we feel devastated for those affected by it, especially when it’s a child. I recently read a story on Facebook about such a tragic drowning related by a father. They were just distracted for a moment. Then his son asked where his younger brother was and it ended up with the horror of finding him drowned in the swimming pool. I can’t even begin to imagine how that family felt after that tragic accident. Something like that probably fills them with regret for the rest of their lives. If only!

Water safety is of utmost importance. This is a profound statement that should never be taken lightly.

Global Nets & Covers manufacture and install pool covers that protect kids that can't swim and offer considerable savings to you in terms of running costs and pool maintenance. They install pool covers in many shapes and sizes to clients' satisfaction.

There is a video where a child manages to climb on the fence surrounding the pool…

6 Free Books (today)

Here's a special announcement from the talented author Charlotte Roth.
Hello Lovelies!
Just wanted to say Happy New Year and happy reading.
All my books are FREE today. 

You simply go to my Facebook page for details (and no, there's no signups or anything),
 or find them on Amazon here: Charlotte Roth's FREE books.
Stay Warm and cozy ;-)
<3 Charlotte

Choose Maret Pro Lab For Photographs

Last year I was commissioned by Maret Pro Lab to take photographs of a school concert. I immediately agreed since they were my client and needed assistance. I must say that I was a bit nervous because their photography is of an exceptionally high standard and I didn't want to disappoint them.
Well, the evening came and I pitched up at the venue rather early to reconnoitre the place and take a few test shots to get my camera ready. Once things start happening there's no time to fiddle with camera settings. It was quite a difficult assignment because I had to take as many photographs of the kids as I could during each session but the parents preferred individual shots of their children.
The lady in charge had rented a huge backdrop and the kids were outstanding in their performances with the most colourful costumes I've seen in a long time. It was the most professional performance for children so young. Once everything started I had a small window of opportunity to take my …