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December holidays are here. People usually go on holiday to visit family, friends or to just get away. What to do with those holiday photos? Well, there are many ways to get creative with some lovely images.
Let’s start with the photograph you are going to take. Make sure that the subject you are going to photograph is well lit. Ideally, the light source should come from behind you onto the subject.
Next, try and compose your shot properly. You don’t want to be too far from the subject so that it looks insignificant in the photograph. If you are too close then you could end up with lens distortion. Also, keep the camera level with the horizon. A camera in a cell phone is also a camera. Today’s cell phones are usually capable of taking excellent shots if done correctly.
The biggest problem with taking photographs is camera shake. If you hurry the shot you will stand a good chance of ending up with a blurred photo. This is as a result of a slight movement whilst pressing the shutter bu…

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last minute Christmas gifts...and running out of ideas?! Contact us and let us make you something small and inexpensive.

Yes, these are from Petro of Tiny Dot Studio.

I wrote about her beautiful stained glass creations and, surprise! she has come up with some lovely ideas for gifts.

In Loving Memory - Charlotte Roth

A message from Charlotte Roth Today's date is tattooed in my heart <3

As a writer, I always try to comment on the social settings and the emotional world around me...
Last year, I wrote a very heartfelt book about a mother's struggle to keep her son alive after he's shot in a school shooting. If you're interested in a free e-copy, I would love to give it to (see description in comments).

All you have to do is PM me or write in comments. PS. The story will make you think and you might need a tissue or two.

Take care and all the best <3

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Workmaster Protection For Your Workforce

When it comes to protection you have my attention. As I've discussed in a previous article protective workwear is a vital part of working in hazardous environments. Without it, you are taking a huge risk.
You should protect your eyes, your hearing, your head, and your whole body with the proper approved gear. If something heavy falls on your head and you don't have proper head protection, then you will get seriously injured. I once fell with my mountain bike and my head hit the pavement very hard. Fortunately, I had my cycling headgear on and avoided a nasty injury to my head.
On another occasion, an insect almost penetrated my eye whilst riding my scooter. With proper protection, I was saved from losing an eye. When working with power tools I am very cautious and wear gloves and a visor. You can't be too careful. Accidents happen when you don't expect them.
I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Workmaster for providing all the protective gear that just abou…

Congratulations Absolute Frame

Absolute Frame, absolute quality, absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your work that looks so exquisite. I was there at your shop when you were planning the box frame in the photo above. I never expected it to look so good. You are truly a master at your craft and your picture frames are always stunning. The canvas frames are also beautiful.

May you have a fantastic Christmas and continue to grow in 2019. Facebook link.

Congratulations RBTS Racing

Sounds of an engine in high revs emanate from the Dyna Tunnel as I walk towards RBTS Racing. Ross is probably in another world as he imagines racing the car around his favourite track in his thoughts. But he keeps his focus on the engine management instruments in front of him. "This one should win the race," he thinks to himself. After all, the V8 is running smoothly through the revs and there's lots of power.
Congratulations to RBTS Racing for doing a fine job on all those fabulous cars during 2018. Also on your new website. You have reached new clients on Facebook and made new clients and friends.
May you have a blessed Christmas and gain many more clients during 2019.

Congratulations Maret Pro Lab

Congratulations Maret Pro Lab on your new website in 2018.  Also for creating memories for your thousands of clients through the high quality of your photography and printing. All the school photographs that you took and printed for the parents took a lot of work. What I have seen of your work is of a very high standard and I'm sure your clients were very satisfied. You also printed a photograph on canvas and stretch-framed it for me and my client was impressed with the results.
May you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2019. Keep up the good work. For photography, printing, framing, promotional gifts, and corporate clothing contact Maret Pro Lab for professional results.

Congratulations SA Platforms

Congratulations SA Platforms on your recent joint venture with the Dickinson Group in Zambia. It was an important milestone in 2018. When assistance was needed in your community you were there to help. You trained many operators of cherry pickers how to work proficiently and safely with lifting platforms. Then, you provided excellent service in the rental and sales of cherry pickers. May your Christmas be blessed and 2019 be a year of great opportunities to spread your services into new markets where you will continue to lift them safer and higher.