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Workmaster Summer Protective Eyewear Promotion

PROTECTIVE EYEWEARWith the bright sunshine of summer coupled with a potentially hazardous working environment, it's even more important to ensure that you and your workers are wearing the right protective eyewear. Besides, when I took these photographs I noticed how fashionable they look. I wouldn't mind a pair myself.
The RSG-100 safety sunglasses with sky blue mirror lenses are particularly cool. They come with an impact ballistic rating as well. The slim pink ladies protective glasses certainly look sexy and are ideal for narrower facial profiles. Come on ladies!
The SG-31G-AF Browspecs features a unitary protective lens with a semi-frame. Very mod! They feature a soft nose bridge with flexible "fingers" for comfort and to minimize slipping. They protect workers from falling debris and dripping sweat.
Then they have the Go-Specs II. They offer goggle-like protection and excellent comfort, closer fit, and a wide field of vision - temples and FR elastic fabric strap ar…