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Hi friends,

Sorry I've been silent for such a long time. As a writer, it feels odd to say that I've been lost for words. But I have...

At the end of summer, I lost my dad-in-law. I call him that 'cause that's who he was to me--my second dad. The grief was overwhelming and for the longest time, I couldn't write. See, he was one of my biggest fans. He was so not my target audience but he loved every single thing I ever wrote--my emails, my silly texts (always signed, "the crazy lady with all the spoiled rotten kids") and, yes, my books..."It's like I can hear your voice and see you laugh when I read your books," he always used to say.

I just finished my latest book, Lost in Love. I finally managed to write again because he would've wanted me to. And, oh, how I wish he could read this one too. His favorite book was my first book ever, Lost in Seattle, and I'm sure he would have loved to read more about this crazy family in the sequel ... and I know he would have loved that I, once again, have an old lady as one of the main characters. As I always told him/joked, I love old people... ;-)

His favorite book is now perma-free on Amazon and you can all get it right here (just click on this link):


Take care and call your mom, dad, sister, uncle, brother today and tell them how much you love them <3

All the best,
Charlotte <3

Received from Charlotte Roth (author).


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