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Pest control of ants is another story.

During the warmer seasons, the ant population wages a war against my home trying various strategies to invade my domain. Sometimes they innocently send in cleanup teams to collect crumbs or dead bugs from the floor.  Even the smallest spec is targeted. My wife is very meticulous with the house and regularly cleans the floors. But soon the invasions start.

I don’t mind ants in my yard, but my home is a different kettle of fish. A neighbour suggested a certain insecticide but I’m very careful of what my dog may get in her mouth. For this reason, I am rather reluctant to just try anything.

Normal household Doom spray isn’t very effective against these ant pests. Maybe I don’t understand their habits and what makes ants tick - how they bread and why they do what they do. I’ll have to chat with my pest control friend at Insect IQ. After all, he is an expert pest controller. His last advice with the rat made sense and I was able to get rid of that rodent nesting on top of my car’s engine.

Being an expert I’ll bet he’ll know exactly how to form an alliance with me against the ant invasions. The ants are quite intelligent because they seem to anticipate when the rain is coming because that’s when they decide our home is their home, no matter what.

Don’t get me wrong. I always win. Although, I hate the frustration because they sometimes become very persistent and keep me busy when I could be doing something better. Maybe I could get professional advice or help from Insect IQ.


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