Foto Connect - Photo Print Shop Kempton Park

Foto Connect - Photo Print Shop Kempton Park


Foto Connect is a one-stop digital photo printing shop that has recently moved to shop no. 3 at Goodies Restaurant complex, 4 Vlei Street, Glen Marais, Kempton Park.

If you are from the area then it is a very convenient location with a recently tarred parking area. When you go to other centres you usually have to drop off your images for printing and return later because, well, they are shopping centres. But if you go to Foto Connect at the Goodies Restaurant complex you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere in the garden area and enjoy your favourite beverage while your photos are being printed.

While you are there you can pop in at the other shops, have your hair done, or even have your car washed. If you are hungry you can order a delicious meal at the Goodies Restaurant - you can view their big menu online. There are actually lots of things to do at Goodies.

If you are planning to have your photo enlarged for framing then you can visit Absolute frame right next door to choose from a huge range of frame styles they have there. They also have other framing ideas like box frames as well.

Now here comes the interesting part. Foto Connect isn’t just for printing your latest photographs. They also have other facilities and services like copies, emailing, faxes and Internet stations where you can easily surf the Internet to do some work or whatever you need to do.

Some photo print shops are very busy and sometimes overloaded. This may be the ideal time to visit Foto Connect, make new friends, and order your prints. I have found them of great help with my work.

Here are two links so that you can view their services:


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