Every Man Loves What He Is Good At

Every man loves what he is good at

I started typing this article in Grammarly and titled it, "Ups and Downs," but changed it after I found an appropriate image to "Every man loves what he is good at." I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Yesterday I watched a video on Facebook where a guy was talking about life and how we don't like negative changes that come into our lives. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad because of a loss or when a loved one has died.

He painted different scenarios that are opposites in our lives and made the point that if everything remained the same, it's like a constant flat line - just like when you die. But the ups and downs in our lives are like an ECG graph of our heartbeat going up and down continuously. That was his perception of being alive. Nothing remaining constant, but moving up and down all the time.

To take it a step further, the next time when I'm down I can accept that and know that things will get better just like he explained in his video. One moment I could be happy and on top of the world and when something unexpected happens things can change and the graph of my feelings sink downwards. That's when I must remember that I'm ALIVE and the graph of my life is not flatlined. (Because that would mean that I'm not alive anymore!)

I just want to share a few highs with you that really made my day recently.

A few weeks ago a previous client of mine called me over as I was deep in thought walking past her. She explained to me that her website was in shambles and she didn't even have a proper domain for the website. She asked me to do something about it urgently and told me that she wanted me to take care of here website going forward. She had paid people to create her website but they didn't deliver on their promises after being paid. Well, she now has a website at Goodies Restaurant.

Then there was another lady who trusted me to redesign her company website and promote it. I did that and started writing some content on my blog to give them some exposure and also made use of social media to spread the word about their services. In turn, she shared my posts with her friends on Facebook as well. Well, it really worked and she told me that her appointments are booked well in advance. They do dyno tuning at RBTS Racing. A fine company with lovely people in charge.

Last week I was told by another friend that a company I used to call on needed assistance with their website. In the past, I didn't get any business from them. So I gave it another try and landed the job. This goes to show that people are important and your good fortune could just be waiting for your next action. Never give up - never surrender (as they said in Galaxy Quest). I will be mentioning this new client in the future.

So, life is great even with all the ups and downs. We just need to be patient and keep pressing on. That means we are alive no matter the circumstances. It's a real privilege to be alive and be in a position to offer our assistance to others and doing what I love.

PS. I got the picture at the top of the page from somewhere but can't remember from where. If I could I would acknowledge the link to the relevant source.


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