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The solution to pest control is most often calling in a professional. Here comes a story!

A while ago I stopped at the filling station to check the oil in my engine. For this, I had to lift up the bonnet of my car. What I found sent chills down my spine. I found a nest of leaves and dry grass on the engine. That told me that a rat was probably seeking the warmth of the engine at night and I was horrified. Rats have a tendency to destroy the electric wiring around the engine - not good.

I removed the nest and got some Rattex and always left it in a plastic tray on top of the engine at night. But that didn't have the desired effect and the rodent didn't eat any of it. I kept this up for weeks without success. It was really worrying me because if the rat got to the wires it would be expensive to have an auto electrician redo the wiring.

In the meantime, that clever rodent was probably laughing at me and my clever plan to get rid of him.

Fortunately, I found an expert pest controller. I told him my problem and he asked me a few questions about where my car was parked and a few other things. His advice was quite different from what I had thought needed to be done. Well, I left his shop carrying a special black box to carry out his plan.
That same evening I placed the box next to the wall on the warmer side of the carport away from the engine (at the rear end of the car). I was also instructed to empty my dogs' drinking bowls so that there was no water for any rodents.

Inside the black box was some special gel which attracts rodents and they could enter from one end and exit at the opposite end next to the wall (that's important because they like crawling next to walls). I was told to look out for dead rats in the days following that.

Lo and behold, three days later I found the dead culprit on the lawn. The nest-building on my car's engine has stopped, but I still check it every morning just in case. You never know.

So this was the right way to sort out the rat problem. Something I wouldn't have come up with because what do I know about the habits of rodents and how to deal with them effectively. I had tried my best but it was not successful. If I carried on by trial and error I would probably be sitting with a car that can't ride with the wiring chewed up. Not a happy thought.

Who is this guy that knows the habits of all kind of pests and can deal with them effectively so that people like me can carry on with their lives? Aha! I'm glad you asked! His company is called Insect IQ. Clever hey? You need a high IQ in the habits of pests to be able to control them or you'll fail like me. And I thought I knew everything - da! I'm going to have to talk to him about the ant problems as well.

Be smart and contact Insect IQ, based in Gauteng, if you want to be master of your turf against pests that drive you mad. It's really worth it.


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