Huge Improvements At Goodies4Gardens - Glen Marais

Goodies Restaurant - Photos of places at Goodies

Goodies4Gardens now has a brand new website where you can view their impressive menu. Also, recent visitors to this family-friendly venue have noticed the fantastic new tarred parking area. It's a welcome change.

When you've had your car cleaned at the Royal Car Wash you won't have to ride on gravel as you exit the premises anymore. Then you will also notice the beautiful garden with real robots and quaint statues and decor next to Cesson Thai Massage and Spa where you can relax while they pamper you with a genuine Thai massage.

Absolute Frame has added Foto Connect to its premises where you will be able to order your photo prints soon. Don't forget that you can buy your arts and crafts supplies from Jems Arts and Crafts at Goodies. They've been there for a long time and Sunique is a talented young lady who designs things for the home and weddings and cuts them out of wood with a laser cutter.

There are quite a number of shops at Goodies4 Gardens and you can also get just about any kind of pot, large or small for your garden or landscape. Goodies4Gardens also boasts a new website with more content to follow. You will be seeing new changes and additions to the nursery that will be taking place in the near future.

So why not book a table at Goodies Restaurant and enjoy your time at the venue. The kids will love the exciting things to be seen and also play in the sandpit, ride on one of the play machines, experience mini golf or jump on the huge jumping castle. It's all for the family.

If you are a sports fanatic then visit the Sports Bar with the big TV screens to watch the rugby. Goodies4Gardens is a fun place for the weekend.


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