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During the 60’s and 70’s, I fancied cars like the Ford Capri with a Gunston paint scheme and fat mags. Also, the imported left-hand-drive Mustangs. With the introduction of the Ford Granada, my brother bought one with a hearse gearshift. A lovely beast of a car which I drove once. It had a powerful, throaty V-8 engine that sent shivers down my spine.

We used to love going to the saloon car races at Kyalami. From my seat in the grandstand, I had always had a bird’s eye view over a large part of the track. I could see a lot of the action and caught the excitement when the cars came roaring past. It was a great time for me.

One day, long after that, I was invited to Kyalami again to experience a lap in an Opel Calibri – my favourite car at that time. Behind the wheel was one of South Africa’s champ drivers. He was very skilled and put the Calibri through its paces while I sat in the back with another guest. That gave me a totally different perspective of what it’s like to drive the car in a race around the track. It wasn’t what I had expected because he was constantly using markers for braking and cornering and it seemed like a constant process of accelerating, braking and drifting through corners – in mad succession. But it was an absolute thrill.

Later, my next passion was formula racing on the TV. Because I had experienced the lap at Kyalami I had a better idea of what the drivers were going through racing around the track. With those super- fast cars, it was just totally more insane with the g-forces they had to endure. I loved it. I hardly ever missed any of the action because I was hooked.

That’s all history now, but I am still passionate about fast cars with exotic paint jobs. So, when I visit Ross and Bernadette at RBTS Racing memories come sweeping back from my younger days.
Ross is ever busy winding those engines up in his dyno tunnel. I can still see Bernadette bent over her computer with bright blue ear mufflers on. When the noise subsides, Ross walks over to me with a broad smile on his face. He throws an arm around my shoulder and gives me a manly hug and says thank you for sorting out his Google Maps page.

They are both thrilled with my work on their website and I’m happy for them. My last article was quite a hit with a very positive response. It had many shares across Facebook from friends and family.
I know that I’ve hardly mentioned dyno tuning – Ross’s passion – or things like Spitronics and engine management systems. Those are things that go on behind the scenes before a race. These things and a lot of preparation go into the cars before a race day.

On the actual race day, we really get to enjoy the thrill of what people like Ross of RBTS Racing have done to make those cars perform at their best. If you are an owner of a car that you want to have dyno tuned then contact Bernadette or Ross at RBTS Racing.


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