Joburg Gasshuku 9 Sep 2018

Johannesburg Karate Gasshuku - Shorei Martial Arts Academy

The next Johannesburg Karate Gasshuku will be held on 8 September 2018. For more information, you can go to the website to get more details.

There is no doubt that anyone who is a karateka earns our respect. There have been many movies depicting the sheer brilliance of individuals defending themselves against attackers with martial arts techniques, usually bare-handed. One particular film star that comes to mind is my favorite, Jackie Chan. I love watching the guy going bananas ducking and diving and kicking his way out of several attackers. I just Googled some facts about Jackie Chan and discovered that he is a black belt in Hapkido and also knows other martial arts as well. To the uninformed like me, it all seems like karate, but I am probably insulting the martial arts purists when I make statements like that.

However one looks at the sport of karate and martial arts you have to agree on one thing. You don't mess with those guys because you are going to get your butt kicked good and solid. When I was in the air force doing my national service training they taught us some self-defense. You can immobilize an attacker and if he keeps coming you can really injure the attacker with your bare hands, although that isn't the intention initially. I'm not advocating violence.

As a sport Karate teaches you discipline and self-confidence. It has become an Olympic sport where you can win a gold medal representing your country. Another advantage is that it makes you fit because you get to do a lot of exercises and you need to follow a regular program. It's also good for your motivation because you usually aim for the next belt. Before you know it you are facing the next round where you want to qualify for your black belt. When you reach that goal you gain the absolute respect of your peers.

There is an excellent karate martial arts school on the East Rand called Shorei Martial Arts Academy. They specialize in pure traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu karate and self-defense. Sensei Tony de Beer age 71 and holds the rank of seventh dan.

Sensei Tony now has 48 years experience in Okinawan Goju Ryu and 10 years in various other forms of martial arts. He has been running four very successful dojo’s in Pretoria and East Rand for almost 38 years. He also started a new martial arts academy in East Rand in January 2003 where he teaches Goju Ryu Karate, Kobudo, and self-defense. Even at his age, he is very fit and capable of teaching his sport because he lives what he teaches.

Anyone interested in learning self-defense can contact Shorei Martial Arts Academy and speak to Tony de Beer. With farm attacks on the increase and violence being the order of the day it is advisable to prepare yourself for a time when you unexpectedly face an attacker or a bully.


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