Vehicle Lifts, Lubrication Systems and Garage Equipment

MDK Workshop Solutions

MDK Workshop Solutions is a registered OILPRO installer and distributor they install custom vehicle lifts and do maintenance and repairs to keep things running smoothly. They specialize in Vehicle Lifts, Lubrication Systems, and Garage Equipment. OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems.

Their services include:

  • Lift and Lube installation and repairs
  • Servicing of all types and makes of lifts
  • Installation and repairs of Oil, Water, and Air systems
  • Installation and repairs of Oil and Grease pumps
  • Installation, repairs, and calibration of OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems

Areas they service include:

  • Gauteng
  • Free State 
  • Northern Cape 
  • Northwest Province 
  • Limpopo
  • Lesotho 
  • Swaziland 
  • Zimbabwe 
  • Botswana 
  • Namibia 
  • Angola

They cover a very large area! MDK Workshop Solutions also has a proud record of quality services amongst their clients. Well-known brands like Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Iveco, and Toyota have made use of their services.

Since August 2013 MDK has been a vendor for Engen, as well as a storage facility for their equipment, lifts, and tanks which get removed from their old sites.

Kevin Williams founded MDK Workshop Solutions in 2010. He takes pride in a co-operative way of handling business matters and sharing knowledge with other stakeholders in his field. His company achieved Level 4 BEE verification.


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