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Security Guards and Protection Services are vital to all companies nowadays. Just listening to the news, we are constantly hearing about crime daily. Fortunately, there is a security company in Midrand that champions the fight to prevent crime.

Having a reputable security company with visible on-site protection is critical in today's climate of lawlessness. The best option is to choose a company that grades its security guards. That way you ensure the quality of your protection services. The SAPS can't cope with the massive wave of crime and the onus falls on companies to source their own protection services.

Searching for a reputable security company can be quite a job. It's a good idea to go for someone that has a long track record and has reliable references.

I believe that Rank Protection Services in Midrand is a good candidate because they have a track record amounting to 27 years in the security industry. The combined experience within the company management team is 40 years. Then, they also specialize in graded security guards which gives you peace of mind regarding their workforce. Below are a few important points extracted from their website:

Committed Security Guards

They have a variety of qualified security guards which are graded A to D security. They render their services to commercial and retail sectors.

Rank Protection Services stresses the importance of supervision as a vital part of management. It is their objective to ensure that all security personnel are correctly trained and aware of their accountability.

A Member of SASA, SAFSI, PSIRA, NOSA and Industrial Security Forums. Knowledge Skills and experience span over 40 years in Security and Related Industries.

Security Guards 
Their Security Guard Service provide armed and unarmed professional guards that specialize in the safety and defense of your home, yourself, your business and offices. All their guards are well trained, highly qualified and certified with all the right regulatory bodies.

Here is another important message from their website. “We are the premium choice in managed security services. In today’s world, there is no price on peace of mind and we strive to offer you reliable, trustworthy and conscientious services to all our clients to fit any budget.”

Recently, I had the opportunity to inspect one of the sites under their protection and I found a well-run outfit that looked professional. I'm not a security expert but noticed that every single guard was vigilant and focused on the task at hand.

If you need excellent security at your company or complex, then here is a company that prides itself on providing top quality security guards and services. Give Rank Protection Services, an outstanding security company, in Midrand a call today.


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