Dyna Tuning

Red car - RBTS Racing.

Dyna Tuning can be seen as modifying the engine management of a vehicle for better performance, be it fuel economy or more power. Vehicles leaving the factory are normally set up for anticipated average driving conditions. Dyna tuning can be performed to enhance performance to customers preferences.

My blog is called New Dimensions for a specific reason. I am constantly entering new dimensions where I get to experience something totally new and different from my normal life. I get challenged to step into the shoes of strangers and write about what they do. It's one thing to just stand there and observe situations, but to write about their field of expertise is not that easy.

So, I rock up at this shop where I can hear a car's engine being revved high to a pitch where I can hardly hear myself think. The writing on the sign on the wall reads, "RBTS Racing." Any moment now I expect a racing car to come out of one section with lightning speed and knock me off my feet.

I quickly walk past what is called the dyno room and go to the reception desk. A delightful young lady greets me with a friendly smile. To my left, I behold a couple of cars I could only dream of taking for a spin - I wish. After introductions, I learn that their website hasn't been updated for a while and I'm in my element.

After a few visits to RBTS Racing, I learn a bit more about what they do and create the new, updated website. I also get used to the adrenalin rush when the owner, Ross, does his magic with a racing car engine. I joke with his wife, Bernadette, that he must be racing the car in his imagination as he tunes the engine to perfection. He does a lot of revving in the process.

The unique thing about his operation is that he built a special Dyno Room that eliminates the possibility of the motor vehicle inhaling its own hot, oxygen-less exhaust fumes, therefore creating the closest possible driving simulation on the road. Very clever, I think.

Inside the Dyno Room, a large 1-meter diameter extraction fan clears the full volume of air in the dyno room twice every second creating around 40km/h of fresh wind speed. In my opinion, it looks quite like a wind tunnel. The addition of extra cooling fans placed in front of the motor vehicle maximizes the cooling and creates a safe tuning environment for your motor vehicle (this guy thought of everything). This combination gives you the smoothest most drivable maximum power output map and best fuel economy possible which your engine can deliver.

So you see, I get to meet the best. Ross has built up a great client base because of his commitment to his trade. You also won't meet a more likable man to work on your car. He's friendly and knows what he's doing.

As I write this article I feel like visiting again. Every time I'm there I see shiny racing cars and enjoy a good chat. I always feel welcome at RBTS Racing and I'm sure that's how his clients feel too. Visit their website and give them a try.


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