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Security Company - Midrand

Security Guards and Protection Services are vital to all companies nowadays. Just listening to the news, we are constantly hearing about crime daily. Fortunately, there is a security company in Midrand that champions the fight to prevent crime.

Having a reputable security company with visible on-site protection is critical in today's climate of lawlessness. The best option is to choose a company that grades its security guards. That way you ensure the quality of your protection services. The SAPS can't cope with the massive wave of crime and the onus falls on companies to source their own protection services.

Searching for a reputable security company can be quite a job. It's a good idea to go for someone that has a long track record and has reliable references.

I believe that Rank Protection Services in Midrand is a good candidate because they have a track record amounting to 27 years in the security industry. The combined experience within the company management team is …

Solar System In Perspective

This article is from 8th June 2014 when I was still relatively new to blogging. It focused on the cold. I decided to share it now since we recently witnessed the total eclipse of the moon.

The Sun, like an angry king, occupies center stage in our Solar System with glorious pomp. Gigantic flares periodically gush outwards from its massive diameter of 1 392 684 km comprising hydrogen and helium. Even this majestic ball of fire isn't stationary but moves within the Milky Way.

At various distances planets dance in orbits around the sun. Mercury and Venus are the closest and bear the brunt of its nuclear fury. But they are not the subject of our attention for now.

At about 150 000 km, the Third Rock from the Sun, we find an awesome planet called Earth. Graced with continents, oceans and an atmosphere Mother Earth is home to life in all its glory. This jewel of a planet is 190 times smaller than the sun and races through the darkness of space at the lightning speed of 30 km per second.…

Nail Technician Training - Kempton Park

Professional Nail & Beauty Supplies are the leading supplier of nail, beauty and eyelash products. They are situated in Kempton Park and also stock a range of Hannon hair products. Chantelle, a nail technician on site, does nails, manicures, pedicures, and waxing.

Most importantly, Chantelle is now training new nail technicians at Professional Nail & Beauty.

I have known Veronica, the owner, for years and she is excellent in nail and beauty services to clients.

Box Frames - Absolute Frame

Picture framing is an art in itself. You can have the most beautiful photograph or an exquisite painting and take it to a picture framer. If the frame choice is wrong and the workmanship is shoddy, then the end result can be a disaster. But there is an excellent and reliable picture framing shop in Gauteng that will do a fabulous job every time.

From time to time we decide to frame a picture or a painting to hang on the wall in a room in our home or to give as a gift to someone special. It's always useful to have it done just the way we picture it. When it has been done right we usually gasp and stand back and admire the final product with pride.

Make your memories and accomplishments a reality to be seen around your home. Do that special mirror in the entrance hall or do those large format prints against that open wall that has forever irritated you. Visit Absolute Frame at their artfully equipped showroom and workshop for best in quality in product and pricing. If you can think…

Fishing Nets - Top Quality

Rhino Nets specialize in fishing nets. Because the owner, Kevin Williams, is an avid angler he decided to design and manufacture the perfect fishing net. He has created the perfect nets to place your catch in.

When I received a call from Kevin to create a website for his fishing nets I was amazed at the beauty of his nets. They look colourful and strong. The design is also something I’ve never seen before. After you’ve unhooked your catch you drop the fish into the net via a spring-loaded trap door. Now, only a seasoned fisherman would think of that.

The circular design is constructed of very strong materials, is collapsible for transportation, and comes with a portable stand that also can be taken apart. He even designed nifty bags that you can stow the fishing nets in. It is a neat and compact system. They also come in different colours to choose from.

If you go to their website, you will see all the beautiful products that I photographed for the website. There are keepnets and sta…

Vehicle Lifts, Lubrication Systems and Garage Equipment

MDK Workshop Solutions is a registered OILPRO installer and distributor they install custom vehicle lifts and do maintenance and repairs to keep things running smoothly. They specialize in Vehicle Lifts, Lubrication Systems, and Garage Equipment. OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems.

Their services include:

Lift and Lube installation and repairsServicing of all types and makes of liftsInstallation and repairs of Oil, Water, and Air systemsInstallation and repairs of Oil and Grease pumpsInstallation, repairs, and calibration of OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems

Areas they service include:

GautengFree State Northern Cape Northwest Province LimpopoLesotho Swaziland Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia Angola

They cover a very large area! MDK Workshop Solutions also has a proud record of quality services amongst their clients. Well-known brands like Volkswagen, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Iveco, and Toyota have made use of their services.

Since August 2013 MDK has been a vendor for…

Win A Free Audio Book - Charlotte Roth

One of my favorite authors, Charlotte Roth has just recently launched her book, Lost In Seattle, as an audiobook.

On her Facebook page, she announced:

Charlotte Roth - authorJuly 16 at 7:51 PM ·  ***NEW RELEASE GIVE AWAY*** I'm so excited. My very first book was just released as an audiobook, and the narrator, Hope Dorman, is amazing as Ella Jensen. To win a copy, just tag friend and you might both win a copy ;-) Winner will be randomly picked by my two in-house judges (my kids ;)) Good Luck & Happy Monday ." This announcement is probably time-sensitive so give it a shot. She is a great lady!!

Cherry Picker Training

For real, relevant and relationship-based training, talk to SA Platforms. They won’t waste your time. For comprehensive and professional Mobile Elevating Lifting Platform Training, which is endorsed by the Services Seta and Institute for Work at Heights (IWH), they offer:
Full course for novices (Minimum 3 days)License re-certification course (Minimum 2 days)Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL) option (Minimum 2 days)Type-specific training is also available (1 day per type) Note: all learners attending our courses, will be given in addition to usual learning material:Laminated pocket pre-inspection checklistLaminated pocket risk analysis checklistActual A4 risk analysis and pre-inspection documentation ready for use

Contact details: Marcell – 082 850 5226 –
SA Platforms is an excellent company that rents and sells Cherry pickers under the Genie brand. Since they started a few years ago they have experienced incredible growth because of their commitment to …

Water Safety - Pool Covers

Water safety is of utmost importance.

There is a video where a child manages to climb on the fence surrounding the pool and he easily unlocks the pool gate in seconds. What a scary sight. Children and pets – sometimes even adults – can’t swim. They need your protection if you have a pool. Accidents happen unexpectedly.

We hear regularly in the news about loved ones drowning in swimming pools and the trauma that they suffer because of the tragic loss. Maybe you are visiting with a friend and your attention is somewhere else and didn't notice that your beloved child had slipped away to explore the yard. Sounds familiar but incidences like these occur when you don’t want them to.

Make a wise decision to safeguard your pool by adding a proper swimming pool net. DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because how would you ever measure the cost of a life?

A pool safety net is definitely the answer because it is the last barrier to protect your pool should a toddler manage to access the swimming poo…

Blood Moon Stories

Everyone is hyped up about the biggest lunar eclipse of the century. Those of us who were able to witness this unusual spectacle were awestruck by this unusual phenomenon. It was cool, as the younger generation put it.

In ancient times there might have been rituals and sacrifices accompanying the event among the moon worshippers. Chaldeans had many gods and the moon was one of them.

No wonder we still add phrases like blood moon to our description of this lunar eclipse. Just Google the subject and you get tons of information like "The blood moon prophecy was a series of apocalyptic beliefs promoted by Christian ministers."

But I remember my own blog posts of 2013 when I used "There be a bad moon out tonight." It wasn't anything bad at all. I was just adding some fun to my stories. Here are my stories:

With all the excitement of yesterday, we were really looking forward to another wonderful, sunny day, but it never happened because a chill came along carried by…

Dyna Tuning

Dyna Tuning can be seen as modifying the engine management of a vehicle for better performance, be it fuel economy or more power. Vehicles leaving the factory are normally set up for anticipated average driving conditions. Dyna tuning can be performed to enhance performance to customers preferences.
My blog is called New Dimensions for a specific reason. I am constantly entering new dimensions where I get to experience something totally new and different from my normal life. I get challenged to step into the shoes of strangers and write about what they do. It's one thing to just stand there and observe situations, but to write about their field of expertise is not that easy.
So, I rock up at this shop where I can hear a car's engine being revved high to a pitch where I can hardly hear myself think. The writing on the sign on the wall reads, "RBTS Racing." Any moment now I expect a racing car to come out of one section with lightning speed and knock me off my feet.