A Beautiful Spider Lily - Updated

Spider Lily Flower Photographed By Ron Ashworth

Life is constantly changing with challenges and decisions every single day. Time is a good teacher because what was very good last year can change to something totally opposite this year. That is very true when it comes to certain people. You think you know them. But you only know the false side they are so good at bringing to the fore. What they allow you to see. Deep down inside lies something they have become good at hiding - something the opposite to their day to day character - ugliness.

On the other hand the majestic white spider lily flower above is genuine. No hidden dangers. It's pure. It is exactly as beautiful as it is. Nothing false about it. Maybe that's why good women love flowers. When you give them with a good heart they tell a story of honesty. Flowers are pure and beautiful. So you are giving something pure and beautiful - a perfect gift.

This spider lily flower was photographed with my Canon camera using a 50 mm lens on today the 11th of February 2018. I took a photo of it earlier on when the sunlight was brighter. I wasn't too happy with the first attempt. That's why I decided to try a second time to do this amazing flower more justice.

I love photography - it is my passion. Unfortunately, I have so many commitments that I tend to neglect it a lot of the time. So today I tried applying myself to my art and I really enjoyed the final product. Nature is so beautiful. One just has to look at possibilities and give it a try.

Breakfast Omelette at Big5 Guesthouse

This morning I had to photograph this omelette for a breakfast pic on the Big5 Guesthouse website. It was a real pleasure to eat this tasty meal once the photograph was taken. Not all photo sessions are hard work.

DeLuxe Family Suite at Big5 Guesthouse

No, we didn't get to sleep in the DeLuxe Family Suite at Big5 Guesthouse. I also had to photograph some of the rooms for their website. Nice, isn't it?

So, that was my day. As a self-employed entrepreneur, I design websites. take photographs, shoot videos, promote my clients on Social Media, do sports photography (like Karate) and design and print personalized calendars. These are just a few of the things I do, not forgetting about the writing I do on my blog.

It is said that if you love what you do it doesn't feel like work. I also take care of a few clients' SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs for their websites. I regularly connect with friends via my Facebook page. One of the most rewarding things I've managed to do was talk to my author friend all the way in Seattle. You can look at her works here - Planet Perfect - Charlotte 

 Thanks for reading.


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