Calendars 2018 - Make Yours Unique

Action Race Boys Calendar 2018 - designed by Ron Ashworth

Beautiful calendars for 2018 designed by Ron Ashworth. The calendar above was designed from a business card. The owner didn't have the original graphics or artwork. I just improvised and saw this as a challenge. I didn't even plan the design - it just flowed onto the page as I progressed. 

I have been designing calendars since 2004. Each calendar is a labour of love for my clients. When I take on a project for someone I like to individualize the design to suit the colours and logo. Sometimes the calendar is just for an individual, then there is no logo. But I still use my skills to make each calendar compliment the photo. That way every client can feel like the calendar is special to him or her. It's as if the calendar takes on the personality of each individual.

These calendars have been used as gifts for loved ones or for special clients of a company. What better way to be remembered all year round? Even with the advent of modern Internet connectivity, these calendars are still popular. They remain a constant reminder all year round of who they come from.

Calendars are a quick and useful tool that get used on a daily basis. They not only contain the dates and holidays but assist with planning as well. It's also a status symbol for the people handing them out and a bold way to advertise.

I love creating calendars because each one is different. That way I have a new challenge with each design. Nothing boring. You'll be surprised how each new project turns out. Colours and graphics keep changing all the time. Quantities too. Some people order one and then decide on three. Others stick to one. Sometimes I get orders for 20 or 100. So it isn't a boring job but a labour of love.

If you would like to order yours you can contact me via my Facebook page. Let's make 2018 a prosperous year with handy calendars.


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