Hotel Amenities Provide That Professional Touch

Hotel Amenities - ASC Ditributors - Africa Wild & Room and linen spray

Hotel Amenities can make a huge difference and provide that professional touch, as I discovered on a trip to the coast recently.

We finally found the small hotel on the side of the hill cozily nestled among the pines and pulled into the driveway. After the long drive, the afternoon heat had taken its toll on us. We were sweaty and irritable. Very tired.

After unpacking the car we booked in. Fortunately, our room had two bathrooms and my wife and I each grabbed one. I searched in vain for soap and shampoo in my case and realized that my dear wife had forgotten to pack those items. I opened the tap to run the bath water.

That's when I noticed the hotel had already catered for guests forgetting things because they had thoughtfully placed a pack of amenities on a small table next to the bath. Relieved I smiled and climbed into the steaming hot water and lay there as the warmth soothed away my stress.

Reaching over to the bath and shower gel in a golden pack with a ram on the front I squeezed the tube and my senses were treated to the aroma of Moroccan mint and lemongrass as I washed away the sweat on my body. It was so lovely!

Next, I used the hand shower and reached for the Ammara Africa conditioning shampoo. More of the same fragrance stroked my senses as I used it on my scalp. In my mind, the picture of the lion on the tube reminded me of feeling like the king of the jungle.

The kid in me couldn't resist the luxury soap so I tore off the golden wrapping with the Rhino head on it and enjoyed the velvety smoothness all over my body. In no time all my tiredness was washed away. The soaps and shampoo cleaned me on the outside while the Moroccan mint and lemongrass lifted my spirit from the inside. I felt renewed and refreshed. After applying the body lotion I dressed and felt really good.

While I relaxed on a sofa I was really pleased with the hotel I had chosen. They took care of the small things, a true measure of excellent hospitality. They had provided the nicest amenities for their guests. I simply had to compliment them.

A while later my wife emerged from her bathroom smiling radiantly looking all feminine and gorgeous. Her mood had also changed for the better thanks to those convenience packs. As they say, "Happy wife, happy life!"

At dinner, I asked the hostess about the golden packs of Ammara Africa that had enabled us to enjoy our baths. She replied that she always ordered them from ASC Distributors, a company that supplies hotel amenities and accessories throughout South Africa. She commented that their service was outstanding.

Intrigued by her answer I searched online on my smartphone and found their website. What a treat that was. The website had a whole page dedicated to a wide variety of conveniences and the photos were a real treat to behold. The packs included names like Africa Wild, Marula, Luxury Collection, Ammara Africa, Bath Café, Superior Range, Hibiscus, Amoureux, African Beat, Baobab, and Jolly Jumbo (for kids).

When I arrived I noticed the room smelled fresh and clean. They obviously used the room and linen spray with fragrances of lemongrass, orange, and ginger. That was also on their website, which confirmed that they specialize in the hospitality industry countrywide.

I'm so glad the hotel provided exquisite amenities from ASC Distributors. I definitely recommend what they supply because they add that professional touch. Have a look at their website.

Hotel Amenities - ASC Ditributors - Ammara & Jolly Jumbo


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