Heritage Day At Nozuko Nxusani

Heritage Day at Nozuko Nxusani Staff

Heritage Day was celebrated by the staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. in Kempton Park on 22.9.2017. The ladies were all dressed up for the special occasion in bright colours. When I arrived they were waiting for the arrival of their Executive Director, Ms. Nozuko Nxusani. When they saw me with camera in hand they immediately wanted to pose for photographs.

The moment, Ms. Nxusani arrived the proceedings began and she started handing out service awards to four of the ladies who had been at the company for five years. They were congratulated and handed a framed certificate as well as a cheque. Each one expressed their appreciation with great jubilation while their colleagues applauded.

Next, it was time to eat and everyone tucked in. Nozuko mingled with her staff and chatted in a friendly mood. You could see that she is highly revered by everyone. I have been involved in working for her company on an ad-hoc basis for a few years now and have learned that she is a wonderful boss because she always takes care of the smallest details and is very fair.

This was an unexpected assignment for me on Heritage Day, but a pleasant one. There are more photos on their website.


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