Getting Social For Your Business

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There's a place and a time to get out of your comfort zone and engage in social activity. Today was one of those days for me.

I woke up early this morning and managed to get to church on time. What for? That on a Monday morning, too. Once a month they host a breakfast for the business people. After "The Message," which was excellent, we went for breakfast.

After finding a place in the crowded canteen I sat next to an estate agent across the table. He seemed very interested in what I shared about my work and requested a follow-up meeting. Next, I joined a friend at his table and again shared what I do for clients which resulted in a positive outcome. That was a good start to my day and month.

At home, I dug into some website designing and typing in Word. Before long it got much busier and I was multi- tasking 3 projects. With more clients comes more work. Then my work became even busier as the day continued.

Later I spent some time catching up on Facebook. It's been a quiet place in terms of work for me, but one never knows, hey? Then I got a bright idea and shared my services on someone's group page. She answered and declined since she already had some media gurus (her words) handling her social media. I wasn't phased and replied that I mentioned it in case someone asked her if she had a contact for website designing. Then I left it.

A few hours later another member of the group asked me to contact her in 2 weeks time because she was interested in my services. You see, my bright idea paid off after all. That's the power of groups.

In the evening I was on Twitter going through my notifications. I thanked all the good people who had been reading my tweets and retweeting some of them. You never know what can come of a simple thank you. Just keep on plugging away with a positive attitude.

What's my point? You can make use of social media as well as offline social networking to interact with other business people successfully. All it takes is moving out of your comfort zone. You can try a different approach. Sometimes the results are surprising.

After a productive day, I feel satisfied that my month has started off on a good foot. All it took was for me to try a different approach. I did something unusual for me and got a new perspective. When I mention Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Blogging, Youtube some people switch off. Little do they know what power lies in engaging with people in the right way. I have one client who followed my advice and now does extremely well on her website and Facebook page.

All it takes is the right approach!


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