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Heritage Day At Nozuko Nxusani

Heritage Day was celebrated by the staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. in Kempton Park on 22.9.2017. The ladies were all dressed up for the special occasion in bright colours. When I arrived they were waiting for the arrival of their Executive Director, Ms. Nozuko Nxusani. When they saw me with camera in hand they immediately wanted to pose for photographs.
The moment, Ms. Nxusani arrived the proceedings began and she started handing out service awards to four of the ladies who had been at the company for five years. They were congratulated and handed a framed certificate as well as a cheque. Each one expressed their appreciation with great jubilation while their colleagues applauded.
Next, it was time to eat and everyone tucked in. Nozuko mingled with her staff and chatted in a friendly mood. You could see that she is highly revered by everyone. I have been involved in working for her company on an ad-hoc basis for a few years now and have learned that she is a wonderful boss because she a…

Immigration Agency (Johannesburg)

Fresh Hope Migration is an established and successful Immigration Agency specializing in South African:

Immigration VisasBusiness VisasWork VisasRelative VisasStudy VisasVisa ExtensionsVisa AppealsChange of ConditionsPermanent Residence Applications They also assist with Nigeria tourists /work visas and passport applications.

Place of Business

Situated in Kempton Park on the East Rand (near Johannesburg), Gauteng, South Africa, Fresh Hope Migration have years of experience in the Immigration Industry. If you meet the requirements for a work visa call them for an appointment or send them an email.

Visa Services

Fresh Hope Migration - Immigration Agency Kempton Park, Johannesburg - specializes in the following visa services: immigration visas, business visas, work visas, relative visas, study visas, visa extensions, visa appeals and change of conditions.

I have known them for a few years and have found them to be friendly and helpful. If you need help with passports or visas contact this i…

Hotel Amenities Provide That Professional Touch

Hotel Amenities can make a huge difference and provide that professional touch, as I discovered on a trip to the coast recently.

We finally found the small hotel on the side of the hill cozily nestled among the pines and pulled into the driveway. After the long drive, the afternoon heat had taken its toll on us. We were sweaty and irritable. Very tired.

After unpacking the car we booked in. Fortunately, our room had two bathrooms and my wife and I each grabbed one. I searched in vain for soap and shampoo in my case and realized that my dear wife had forgotten to pack those items. I opened the tap to run the bath water.

That's when I noticed the hotel had already catered for guests forgetting things because they had thoughtfully placed a pack of amenities on a small table next to the bath. Relieved I smiled and climbed into the steaming hot water and lay there as the warmth soothed away my stress.

Reaching over to the bath and shower gel in a golden pack with a ram on the front I s…

Getting Social For Your Business

There's a place and a time to get out of your comfort zone and engage in social activity. Today was one of those days for me.

I woke up early this morning and managed to get to church on time. What for? That on a Monday morning, too. Once a month they host a breakfast for the business people. After "The Message," which was excellent, we went for breakfast.

After finding a place in the crowded canteen I sat next to an estate agent across the table. He seemed very interested in what I shared about my work and requested a follow-up meeting. Next, I joined a friend at his table and again shared what I do for clients which resulted in a positive outcome. That was a good start to my day and month.

At home, I dug into some website designing and typing in Word. Before long it got much busier and I was multi- tasking 3 projects. With more clients comes more work. Then my work became even busier as the day continued.

Later I spent some time catching up on Facebook. It's been …

Carpet of Flowers (Namaqualand)

How I miss the carpet of flowers that used to greet me when I was a young boy living in Namaqualand. During Spring those flowers always decorated the countryside where I lived in Nababeep. It was like heaven with all the colours imaginable.
How fortunate I was to grow up in that mining town. Far away from the city. Isolated. Yet I wouldn't have had it any other way. Okay, I had to learn a new language, Afrikaans, because the majority of the folks there spoke it. In the beginning, my friends had to put up with my English until I picked up a few Afrikaans words. Fortunately, they were patient with me and helped me master their unusual language.
After we moved closer to the mine so that my father could walk to his workshop I made friends with Dirkie Coetzee who became my best friend. We did many things together. Sometimes we just listened to his favourite Jim Reeves records and other times we read fiction books about "Die Swart Luiperd." My favourite hero was Tarzan.
He ha…