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Dronemasters - Cut-Copter

Radio control drones for racing, fishing drones and recreational drones have become a new and established way of enjoying the sport of radio control flying and fishing. Radio control planes and cars have been around for a long time and continue to enjoy steady support. With new gadgets being added to radio control we are now able to have even more fun with first person view and GPS technology. These recent developments have created opportunities for anglers to join the ranks of the radio control fraternity because of the greater versatility that drones offer. 

Dronemasters @ Hobby Centre is newly located at the pleasant Goodies for Gardens Shopping Centre in the heart of the Kempton Park suburbs.

Dronemasters are specialists in all types of racing and recreational drones used for photography and freestyle flying.

Hobby Centre RC Planes and Cars

Both Gary and Neville are both SAMAA graded multi-rotor and fixed wing instructors and can give professional lessons to anyone wanting to develop a RC flying skill.

It is the home of the famous Cuta-Copter Fishing copter fishing drone which is designed and manufactured by Dronemasters. The HammerHead V2 is the original 2 drop bait version that we have developed.  It can drop 2 lures or 1 lure and one bait.  2 baits can be dropped with carefully designed traces.

You can also find RC planes and a variety of remote control cars.

Hobby Centre Shop

With a workshop in the shop, we can service and repair a variety of radio control products.
We also support bait boats with new electronics and upgrades.

Contact Dronemasters today for RC drones that have been tested and proven in the field. Their contact number is 011 972 9134.


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