Mandela Day July 2017 (Nozuko Nxusani Inc.)

Nelson Mandela Month July 2017 - Celebrated by Nozuko Nxusani Inc.

Last year Nelson Mandela Day was celebrated by the enthusiastic staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc.

Every year the citizens are reminded of the legacy left behind by former South African president Nelson Mandela. To celebrate his birthday everyone is inspired to dedicate 67 minutes of their time to helping those in need. South Africans are known for having generous, open hearts and when called upon they respond in an extravagant way. Let the world take note that we are proud of our heritage and the magnanimous way in which this Icon led this country whilst in office. His charming personality reached even across the oceans to inspire people of all walks of life.

Nozuko Nxusai staff at Tumelo Home - Mandela Day 2016

So it was with much joyous enthusiasm that the management and staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. journeyed to Tumelo Home in Tembisa to do their share and help them. I was there taking photographs and witnessed when all sorts of needed appliances and necessities were formally handed over to the leadership responsible for the Tumelo Home.

Nozuko Nxusani Inc. Management hand over support to Tumelo Home

Not only were the staff there, but they also interacted wonderfully with the children who are residents of the home. Everyone had a fantastic time and the children were the happiest of all.

Happy children and Nozuko Nxusani staff

With such generous contributions and fellowship with everyone at Tumelo Home the management and staff of Nozuko Nxusani Inc. spent much more than 67 minutes of their time helping those in need. It was my privilege to be there and I was also given a special shirt and cap for the occasion. 

Some of the Nozuko Nxusani Staff at Tumelo Home on Mandela Day 2016

Let us remember the month of July and that it is dedicated to a worthy leader who was loved by many and who left a legacy of goodwill and thoughtfulness towards people in need. If we all do likewise, no matter what our background or beliefs, we will be stepping in huge footprints of giants that set the right example to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. It is a huge calling that everyone can mimic for just 67 minutes. It makes a big difference to everyone.

More photographs of the occasion can be viewed here.
Also, see Nozuko Nxusani Inc website.


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