Dancing Queen (Charlotte Roth)

Dancing Queen by author Charlotte Roth

Charlotte Roth, the author of Dancing Queen, sent me the following email:

Every Body Is Beautiful

So excited to share this news with you... 
I'm so very honored and excited to be participating in the National Eating Disorder Association chat, the #NEDAChat today at 2 PM ET. We'll be discussing body awareness and eating disorders. I was invited because of my book, Dancing Queen--a witty and warm story about "Fat Fiona" who finally, at the age of thirty-five, sets out to prove to the world, her mom, and herself that every body can be a dancer's body.

I believe this is such an important topic since, sadly, so many of us have, if not an eating disorder then what I call a body awareness disorder. We need to fall back in love with our bodies.

I'm giving away my book for free to help raise awareness, to give people a good laugh and something to think about. Click on the link below the image of Dancing Queen to get the book.

You can read more about my thoughts about body awareness and why I wrote this book.on my website:http://www.charlotterothbooks.com/

If you're on Twitter and would love to participate, please join me/us on Twitter today https://twitter.com/mscharlotteroth

Thank you so much and remember you are amazing and beautiful just the way you are <3


I hope my readers will look into this and enjoy Dancing Queen.


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