The Glam Guru Makeover - Final (Hannon)

Today we finally received some photos of Maggie when she underwent her makeover. Everybody that read my blog articles probably wondered when they were going to see the final results. Well, after a very long wait we have something. She was bound by a contract to wait until the series was aired on national television before she could publish any photos.

The dramatic transformation follows here:

As you can see she underwent a whole transformation under the hands of Hannon, the Glam Guru. It was an experience of a lifetime. She was also featured in TV ads and appeared in a popular Afrikaans magazine. I am proud of her achievements.

Natural or makeover Maggie has a beautiful personality that enhances her appearance and warms her up to people. That is something that lasts forever.

Maggie being examined by skin doctor.

I photographed Maggie being examined by the skin doctor before her makeover. This is an update on Tuesday 20 June 2017.

Hannon, the Glam Guru, was very punctual this morning and arrived at 9:30 am at our home. His crew from Homebrew set up their equipment after filming our dog, Java.

Maggie relaxing in the lounge just before the time.

Here Maggie is sitting in her lounge waiting for the exciting moment. After weeks of waiting and preparation, the start of filming was finally about to happen.

The crew from Homebrew started setting up their cameras and equipment

There was a hive of activity as the TV crew from Homebrew set up their camera and lights. They moved things around to ensure that the filming would capture the right background for each particular scene.

Hannon ready for action

The important first scene with Hannon standing under the arch ready to announce where he is interviewing Maggie. He is a striking figure.

Hannon and Maggie enjoying a cup of tea.

A very hospitable host, Maggie, offered everyone a cup of tea and they just loved that. She is always thinking of others. Hannon commented that it was really good. You may notice that Maggie isn't looking particularly stunning at this stage because in the final cut she would have gone through the whole makeover process. That will only be filmed at a later stage at the Glam Guru's studio.

Maggie waiting for another scene to be filmed.

Each time another scene was shot the TV crew rearranged our home to suit that particular scene. By this time Maggie was well into the flow of things and managed admirably with the whole process.

Hannon, the Glam Guru, chatting to Maggie at the end

After all of Maggie's scenes were done the crew from Homebrew were shooting a quilt that Maggie had made for our master bedroom and she had an opportunity to have a relaxed chat with the famous Glam Guru about the future filming at his studio.

In closing, I would like to add that Hannon is a delightful person that makes one feel comfortable in his presence. No wonder he does so well in this industry. Being part of this whole makeover process is not only exciting and very special, we feel honoured to be involved in what Hannon is doing. He is giving ladies a chance to see what possibilities lie in store for them with the right guidance.

If you missed the first article you can read more here.


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