Pest Control (KZN) - Roachmaster Pest Services (Free Quote)

Roachmaster Pest Services

Roachmaster Pest Services, situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal, specialises in the effective control of pests. They are experts at removing pests in an environmentally friendly way. The owner has been active in the pest control industry for over 17 years and promises quality service.

When you have rodents running around wreaking havoc with your assets or cockroaches crawling all over the place it can be very costly and upsetting to any home or business. You spend your resources on products hoping that the pests will disappear, but when you look again they are back. That's very annoying and also frustrating.

That's when it's time to call in an expert in the field of effective pest control. 

Why Choose Roachmaster?

  • They are experts at what they do - They service for all pests, crawling or flying
  • Environmentally Safe Pest Control - They ensure that the environmental impact is minimal
  • Free Quote - Call them for a no-nonsense immediate quote to suit your pocket
  • They specialize in pest control and it is their motto to always strive to treat their clients as one of the family by offering great service delivery on the allocated date and time, thereby winning your trust and respect
  • They service for cockroach, ants, fish moths, rodents, fleas, ticks, and all other pests
  • They comply with all laws with regards to the use of chemicals in home and outdoors as laid out by SAPCA
  • Built on quality customer service and personal relationships
  • They guarantee peace of mind and customer satisfaction 

So, look no further than Roachmaster to rid your place of the damaging effects of pests. You can contact the via their website today.


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