Help Knysna Fire Victims

Firearm Trust Services

Devastating fires descended on Knysna and surrounding areas recently devouring much of what used to be a place of quintessential beauty with winding roads and lush woodland. Pictures of the havoc caused by the raging fires are enough to drive you to tears.

"This was later explained by firefighters: the flames carried by the wind came down like fireballs and could blast a house and leave others around it intact. In other scenarios, the fire would go into the ground, into the roots of trees accumulating with natural gases and blast out the ground like landmines. This has left the town and its people just as mentally and emotionally traumatized as a war zone would have." Quoted from Lowvelder where you can see some pictures of the aftermath.

As the news spread all over the Internet and media people all over the country started to respond in many different ways. Up here in Gauteng, the owner of Firearm Trust Services decided to jump into action and rally people in the area to contribute to food, water, and other essentials.

Many people responded and delivered their contributions to Firearm Trust Services this week. Jacques, the owner, is planning to send two of his double cabs packed to the brim with the supplies down to Knysna on Monday morning. My wife and I delivered our contribution to his shop this morning when I took some photos of the goods.

One feels so small in what you can give because your heart goes out to the many people who have lost everything they had in the fires. God be with them as they start all over again to rebuild their lives.
Please forgive the many photos below, but they are what a few generous hearts have contributed.

Thank you to Jacques of Firearm Trust Services and your friends. You made it possible for us to lend a helping hand to the people of Knysna hit by the fires. Thank you, Tereasa Dias for a great article.

Relief dog food for Knysna fires victims

Relief food for Knysna fires victims

Relief drinking water for Knysna fires victims

Relief clothing for Knysna fires victims

Relief nappies and toiletries for Knysna fires victims

Bedding and clothes for Knysna fires victims


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