A Bicycle and Magical Dog

Diamond Back mountain bike

I bought a green Bicycle - my Silverback replacement. Cycling is part of my DNA, just look at my Facebook avatar. Read my previous article and you'll understand.

chow/sharpei dog

My dog, Java, is a cross between a chow and a sharpei. I reckon she is magical and possesses some kind of super powers. She sees through walls and has super hearing. If Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, then Java is a close second. With energy like that, I would be a sensation on my mountain bike - but alas.

Maybe Java is also psychic because she shadows my every move in the house even if she is outside. She even knows when I'm about to bring her a treat and sits wagging her tail in delightful anticipation outside the door.

Sometimes I wonder who is smarter, me or Java. When the Glam Guru recently visited us to film Maggie I decided to put her in the carport - just in case. The filming crew took a long time to bring their gear in the house and I went to investigate. Java was up to her magical charm because they were filming her running from behind the building towards them. "What a good looking dog you have," the film director exclaimed. She'd crept into their hearts and became the first member of our family to appear on TV. Smart move.

It's quite awesome to relive some of my past experiences while looking through my old logbook where I recorded my riding statistics and wonderful moments since 2012. That's when I bought my first mountain bike. That was the driving force behind many adventures that also spurred me on to write about events on my blog. It was my inspiration to write and express myself in a more personal way.

They say if you want to blog then you must choose a subject that you are passionate about. I have expressed that passion on my blog as well as adding some news about local businesses. From time to time I have included something different to add extra flavour to the content. Like my recent inclusion of an author called Charlotte Roth. I mention her on my blog for free because I think she writes well.

Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon Team 29" Mountain Bike

My ideal bicycle would be a light, carbon mountain bike weighing around 8 to 9 kg. Like the Cannondale Scalpel Si Carbon Team 29" Mountain Bike pictured above. The major hurdle is the price tag. I recently acquired a pricey camera because work is a priority over pleasure. I sometimes take a leap of faith in my decisions and this one was very ambitious. Still, I have managed to stay on track for over 25 years of working as a freelancer.

First ride map 25.6.2017

In conclusion, I will continue cycling and write about my exploits on my blog. For now, it's riding a green bicycle called Diamond Back. It's just for pleasure, exercise and relief from stress. Java will continue to be an enigma to me with her magical supernatural powers of spying through the walls and super listening powers second guessing my every move from outside.


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